Testimonials 2


    I was referred to Cassandra 18 yrs ago when I thought my life ambition as an early 20-something was to move to a sunny Mexico location and teach scuba. I was nearing the end of my university degree and had been struggling with a small business startup that barely paid a few bills.

Cassandra’s advice at the time, I’ll never forget “You are at the beginning of a new cycle, what you do this year, you will continue to do for the next 8 years”. Upon self debate, I stuck with the company, and left my dreamy Mexico for another time. That company made me everything that I am today. 

I have over the years consulted with Cassandra, sometimes every 2yrs, sometimes 6 months, depending on my ‘struggle’. Cassandra provided me w/ perfect direction. She guided me in such as way that made me think accurately about the steps to take given the timing of my ‘struggle’. 

Once, very regrettably, I did not follow her suggestion, and to this day, emotionally battle that wrong choice. I must concede that her advice over these years has helped me thru all those very trying 20’s, 30’s and now early 40’s. I am truly thankful to Cassandra for helping change those difficult decisions into clear thoughts and paths. I am genuinely sorry that I once had early skepticism and thought I knew better, when I should have heeded advice. 

Years later, reflection always proved her right.  I have been thru rough times & good times, & can most genuinely thank Cassandra for being my guiding light. She has remained consistent, even though I may have wavered. 

Thank you Cassandra for being my rock. I am the person I am today, because of many great paths you set me on.   

M.Q., Vancouver BC