- A few years ago, I was struggling with some questions regarding poker playing that my husband and I were doing quite regularly at the Casino and after doing an internet search, decided to contact Cassandra regarding this.
Our situation was such that we had had an extremely lucky year, having won a combined amount of $86,000, playing for 'bad beats' at the local casinos. At that point, we were both not working and had been playing poker every day for about a month and a half, trying to win the next big jackpot.
I was really tired of it and wondered whether we were wasting our time or whether we would actually win another one that year. Cassandra was very clear that this particular year was likely the most lucky year of my husband's life and she did not think that we would win another big jackpot, but she did say that we may have a bit more money coming our way.
Sure enough, that week our poker table did hit the bad beat and we won another $12,000 dollars. She was very accurate and clear in other aspects of our life as well and I feel that her insight and guidance, based on which year of the cycles we are in is very accurate and helpful.
I would highly recommend a reading to anyone who is looking to find the best way to focus energy for the maximum benefit.
  Sharon D, Victoria BC




While speaking on the phone with Cassandra MacLeane I did tell her about an ad I am going to place in a magazine to promote my radio show and she gave me permission to include her in the add.

No Ordinary Psychic Radio host and listeners are very impressed with Cassandra MacLeane, she really sparked some heavy interest, captivating the audience, clients, callers. Her reading style is very unique and pin-points the person she is reading.

I was shuffling my cards and laying them out while she was reading (like I do during my shows and every reading matched up with what I was getting in my cards. No Ordinary Psychic Radio stands behind Cassandra MacLeane and will recommend her to all callers and listeners.

                                          No Ordinary Psychic Radio, Host and Psychic Rubbizfire. www.Rubbizfire.com


- thank you for creating a balanced name for my new company.
The name you created is ionic and very playful. Thank you so much!
I would love to know more about you, numerology, and how you do this magic.
Thanks again for everything – including the great, fun conversations we had while working on this project. I am absolutely convinced this balanced name will attract great good fortune for me and the partners in my company.
Also I would like to say that it has been so good for my creativity to work in the realm of raw ideas like this.
  Sam Z.  music producer and entrepreneur.



I have had regular readings with Cassandra over at least twenty years, often at critical times in my life.
Each has been an extraordinary experience, shedding light on problem areas, providing insights and understanding, and giving guidance for future decisions. Some of her readings have been a life-raft for for me when there seemed to be no help anywhere else. There have been times within my family circle when Cassandra’s readings have actually saved a life.  Jean Kay, Vancouver Canada


I just wanted to tell you something interesting...
Last summer you gave me a reading, and you kept pulling up cards representing two kids.
You told me you saw two children...  Well, right now I am off on maternity leave with my TWINS!    Linda M.  Vancouver



I am naturally skeptical, but after meeting with Cassandra MacLeane the benefits I have seen in my personal and professional life have been far greater than I could have expected...
Without any prior knowledge or information regarding my personality traits, Cassandra was able to point to several key tendencies of mine, and then relate these to challenges she foresaw both personally and professionally — all of which have taken place over the past year.
Having used some services in the past, I can say unequivocally that although others have claimed to provide accuracy, nothing has come close to what Cassandra's reading did for me. My reading with Cassandra did much more than look into my future - it gave me new insight and direction.
I would highly recommend a reading with Cassandra to anyone who feels like something is missing from their life and can’t quite put their finger on what that something is.
  Trevor Battye,  Advertising Sales Executive


… I also wanted to thank you for your reading and advice the last time.

The advice you gave me essentially “saved” my company. I got rid of two managers in the company and found out that if I had not, a number of very good people would have left the company. I am now more involved with the operations of the company and things are going very well. Thanks once again.  Alex Reed, Vancouver