Cassandra Macleane

Cassandra MacLeane has been a practicing psychic counselor and life cycle advisor for more than thirty years. In a client session, Cassandra uses charts, tarot cards, clairvoyance, psychometry, mediumship and numero cycology as her tools.

Her clients come from all walks of life and include doctors, lawyers, psychologists, kings, clowns, athletes, movie stars, IT specialists, truck drivers, funeral directors, accountants, teachers, exotic dancers, editors and publishers, ministers and administrators.

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A Psychic Success Story

Cassandra once told an esteemed medical doctor who came for a reading that he was allergic to milk. The doctor was put off by her “diagnosis,” after all, the medical realm was his profession... Two weeks later he returned to tell her he had done the tests, and she was right.

Psychic Readings

A talented Chef said he intended to withdraw all his savings to launch his own restaurant. Cassandra did his chart and saw he was in a 9/4 year, the most dangerous and inappropriate cycle to strike out one’s own, let alone begin anything new. The Chef went against her advice, but because of a past reading with Cassandra, he invested only half of his money. He opened his business and it failed miserably just as she had predicted. The following year she encouraged him to open another restaurant business. This time, at the beginning of a new nine year cycle, everything fell into place; the restaurant flourishes to this very day.

This is one of many tales of Cassandra's success in psychic readings. Many aren't printable because they involve famous people or extreme scenarios.

Timing is everything

A professional Psychic reading needs a strong foundation. All of Cassandra’s begin with the client’s chart — month, day and year of birth — which produces something recognizably accurate. This opens the psychic space between the reader and client and then anything is possible..

Firstly, I want to thank Cassandra for believing in me and being honest. Last year, I was facing a difficult time and nothing was going right. I found Cassandra's page and booked an appointment after thinking about it for a few days. BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE!”..... read more .

N.S.M, Vancouver BC


One on One With Cassandra

Cassandra Macleane CKNW Radio Interview

In this interview which aired in November 2012 , CKNW's Jill Bennett and Cassandra talk about how and why she  (Cassandra ) became a psychic numerologist.
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Watch Cassandra MacLeane predicting the outcome of the 2011 Polaris Music Prize for CBC Radio 3.


Cassandra's Sercret Cycle Guide

In this short video Cassandra presents the Secret Cycle Guide, a personnalized numerology chart for the entire year.

Cassandra, I don’t know you personally, but I received a reading from you a few months back… I just want to pour my heart out to you and thank you for positively changing my life. This is something I'll never forget.

—Peter Cowley, Venezuela

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