Life Path Numbers Explained

Your Life Path Number offers a clear indication of what you came to do and to become in this lifetime. Your Life Path number is your inescapable destiny.

This article helps you understand how to calculate your Life Path Number, what Master Numbers are, and what your Life Path Number means: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 11 | 22


You can find your Life Path Number within your birth date. It’s the sum of the month, day and year in which you were born, reduced to a single digit – with the exception of Master Numbers 22 and 11.

We always reduce to a single number in numerology, except for the Master Numbers 11 and 22. These two numbers are left intact because their energy is quite different than their reduced counterparts; in other words, the energy of the 11 is not the same as the energy of the 2, and the energy of 22 is not the same as the energy of 4.

Note, too, when calculating your Life Path Number, that months are numbered according their position in the calendar.

January, then, is represented by 1; February, the second month is 2; and so on – until we reach October, the 10th month, which reduces to 1. Note that November, the 11th month, is represented by 11 (a Master Number) so is not reduced. December, the 12th month, is reduced to 3.

Days are numbered according to their calendar number and are also reduced (except the 11th and 22nd).

Years are numbered according to their digits on the calendar. As an example, 1995=1+9+9+5=24. Then 2+4=6.

Those numbers are then reduced unless their total is 11 or 22.

Richard Branson is a good example of a 22 Life Path. Born July 18, 1950.
7+18+1950=22 (Unreduced)

Michelle Obama is a good example of an 11 Life Path. Born January 17, 1964
1+ 8+2=11 (Unreduced)



Life Path 1: Individualization

One Life Path people are hard-working, born leaders. They have a pioneering spirit and usually boundless energy. This energy often translates into wanting to be number one in all they do. They tend to be "lucky" and are often said to be born equipped with a horseshoe. They are good manifesters and often overcome obstacles easily. With their strong desire to accomplish, they tend to aim to do great things.

Their great test is to stay focused, as they have a tendency to do too many things at once. Boredom and criticism often subvert the positive, good-natured 1; and when things don't go their way they have a tendency to be very cranky.

Most 1 Life Path people are extremely stubborn and will follow their own convictions even when all evidence points in the opposite direction. They tend to be extremely unhappy when they don't get their own way.

1 Life Path people tend to be innovators. Their extreme independence and creativity suggests that self-employment, and especially being their own boss, is highly desirable to them.

They also tend to be leaders and not followers. Usually, they do not like to ask for help, even when they are helplessly lost. Their need to be in charge can often land them in difficulty.

On the negative side they can be egotistical and self-centered, demanding and occasionally arrogant.

One of the most important things a 1 Life Path person must learn is to stay the course. They are extremely good at coming up with good ideas but don't always follow through or finish what they have started.

Famous 1 Life Path people:

Martin Luther King - January 15, 1929

Sting - October 2, 1951

Lady Gaga - March 28, 1986

David Suzuki - March 24, 1936

Alanis Morissette - June 1, 1974

Steve Jobs - February 24, 1955

George Clooney – May 6, 1961

Scarlett Johansson - November 22, 1984


Life Path 2: Association

Those born with a number 2 Life Path want peace and harmony above all else. They like to work in the background, and for the most part (in spite of all the famous 2 Life Path people out there) may actually be shy in nature. They like to work with others and make excellent team players.

It easy for a 2 Life Path person to be cooperative, considerate and thoughtful. If you need a referee, diplomat, or mediator, you need not look further than to the 2 Life Path person.

Number 2 Life Path people are usually considerate of other people's feelings and are able to give support and encouragement to their friends.

Number 2 Life Path people need peace and harmony in their lives; otherwise they become very tense. They tend to be worriers, and for that reason—although it is not usually obvious—they are also controllers.

Most 2 Life Path people have excellent intuition and are empathetic and sense the energy of other people. Because of their empathy and ability to listen they make excellent counsellors.

They are not, however, comfortable with conflict and for that reason will often hide their feelings and developed resentments. They can sometimes put too much energy into making others happy.

They have the ability to see both sides of any situation and that can cause them to have difficulty in making decisions.

Number 2 Life Path people take time to make decisions and it is difficult to push them forward, sometimes to their own detriment. Part of this challenge may lie in the 2’s ability to see both sides of any situation, creating further difficulties in decision making for them.

Number 2 Life Path people are lovers, not fighters, and their lives are most fulfilled when they are in a relationship. Marriage is a natural state for them. Partnership is easy; aloneness is hard.

There are many successful and happy 2 Life Path people in business. When they are focused they are very good at looking at the details.

Number 2 Life Path people want to avoid conflict at all costs, but if they are pushed into a corner they can be ferocious adversaries.


Famous 2 Life Path people:

Madonna - August 16, 1958

Barack Obama - August 4, 1961

Tony Blair - May 6 1953

Meg Ryan - November 19, 1961

Jennifer Lopez - July 24, 1969

Kanye West - June 8, 1977


Life Path 3: Self-Expression

Number 3 Life Path people have a wonderful ability to spread light into dark places. At their best, they have a high level of creativity and the ability to express.

They are natural communicators in all areas of performance and life. Threes are almost always entertaining when they are in a happy state. They also tend to be optimistic and generous.

The creative side of the three allows them to be imaginative and entertaining, though sometimes they may be a little sarcastic in their humour.

They love to have fun and are social butterflies. One of the largest challenges for the 3 Life Path is to actually choose an avenue for self-expression. We believe that they have so many gifts that is often impossible or difficult to choose just one. It is, however, absolutely imperative that 3 Life Path people choose.

Unfortunately, many of these extremely gifted, talented and creative people spend much of their lives trying to decide which gift to develop. Choosing one gift at a time is important.

When a 3 Life Path person is unhappy they have a tendency to withdraw. They can sometimes exaggerate the truth, and when they do, their natural ability to inspire others disappears.

The 3 is considered to be one of the most fortunate and creative Life Path numbers of all.


Famous 3 Life Path people: 

Celine Dion - March 30, 1968

Reese Witherspoon - March 22, 1976

Snoop Dogg - October 20, 1971

Kati Perry - October 25, 1984

Nelly Fertato - December 2, 1978

Alex Baldwin - April 3, 1958

K.D Lang - November 2, 1961

William Shatner - March 22, 1931


Life Path 4: Hard work

A hard-working nature, loyalty and determination are the positive aspects most noticeable in the 4 Life Path person. This is not to say that all 4s are worker bees. The occasional 4 will manifest on the negative side, and in that case they can be overly controlling, very strategic thinkers, and sometimes – not often – even a little lazy.

For the most part, though, the 4 Life Path person is loyal and dependable. They are natural builders, usually very grounded in reality, and tend to be serious rather than flighty.

The hard-working 4 is down to earth and can sometimes find him or herself doing things the long, hard way in their search for perfection.

Organization and having things in their "proper place" warns the heart of the disciplined 4, and helps them stay calm and grounded.

Although the disciplined 4 may seem to always be in control of every situation, beneath their stoic exterior beats the heart of a sensitive and often anxious person. After all, keeping the world in order is a big job.

Number 4s may forgive a wrong, but they never forget. And the saying, "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me" is very appropriate for the way a 4 looks at life.

For the most part, 4s have very long and very clear memories of everything that you have said or done, and what they have said or done in response.

The 4 Life Path person has an extremely strong sense of right and wrong. For the most part they find it most comfortable to be honest in their communications and dealings, and they certainly value honesty in others. It makes them feel secure.

Number 4 Life Path people like to put the pieces together. Because of this they are natural builders.

The 4 Life Path person tends to be extremely serious, practical and grounded in the material world, but once the rent is paid and there’s food on the table, and a bit of cash stashed away in the bank, the inner artist of the 4 is likely to emerge.

Number 4 Life Path people are often naturally musical, and though they don't always express themselves in music, when they do, they can be outrageously successful. Not to mention happy.

There are many 4 Life Path people in the entertainment industry.

A final note about the 4 is that they are often very sensual people. And in appearance they often become sex symbols.


Famous 4 Life Path people:

Brad Pitt - December 18, 1963

Bill Gates - October 28, 1955

Usher - October 14, 1978

Oprah Winfrey - January 29, 1954

Nicole Kidman - June 20, 1967

Sarah Jessica Parker - March 25, 1965

Elton John - March 25, 1947

Susan Boyle - April 1, 1961

Woody Allen - December 1, 1935


Life Path 5: Restlessness

Of all Life Path numbers, the 5 Life Path person is the most flexible and probably the most restless.

Fives are free spirits who often love to travel and seek experiences outside the norm. A good dab of drama—often self-created—is always part of the life of the 5, even though the 5 Life Path person may not realize that they are the author of their own excitement. Their restless nature often causes them to be easily bored, although they can be patient when solving interesting problems.

Most 5 Life Path people flourish when life offers a variety of experience, even if that experience is challenging. 5s, after all, love to try new things, and though some are introverted, most 5 Life Path people are curious and enjoy meeting new people. All 5 Life Path people love new ideas.

When young, the 5 will love adventure and travel. In later life they usually enjoy travel as well, but when they don't, they are often engaged in inward travel.

Number 5 Life Path people are helpful when engaged in problem-solving, but only as long as the problems are "interesting."

As family members they can be somewhat distant and involved in their own thoughts. The ‘next thing’ can sometimes engage them to the point where they forget to check in with loved ones, or to be concerned about how others are feeling.

Nothing stays the same for very long in the life of most 5 Life Path people. If there is no change, they usually create it.

When a 5 Life Path person believes in something they can be very motivating and inspiring to others. For this reason we often find them at the forefront of new ideas, and even more often in situations where they are persuading or selling to others.

5 Life Path people are extremely independent and are always advised to seek careers that supply a variety of experience rather than humdrum routine.

It's important for the 5 Life Path person to admit to themselves that they need variety in everyday life. Otherwise they tend to become very unhappy.

Any interesting challenge that presents itself—even when difficult—will present the 5 Life Path person with opportunity for excitement and the use of their very bright mind. This is required in order for them to be happy.


Famous 5 Life Path people:

Angelina Jolie - June 4, 1975

Steven Spielberg - December 18, 1946

Beyoncé - September 4, 1981

John Bon Jovi - March 2, 1962

Mick Jagger - July 26, 1943

Liv Tyler - July 1, 1997

Denzel Washington - December 28, 1954

Uma Thurman - April 29, 1970

Michael J. Fox - June 9, 1961

Vincent van Gogh - March 30, 1853


Life Path Number 6: Service

6 Life Path people are focused on service, love, and family. 6's are here to help. They are compelled.

Seldom is a 6 able to resist a tendency to be of service to others, even when it is not in their best interest. Helpers they are, and help they must.

Home is a magic word for anyone born with a 6 Life Path. They are nurturers, and tend to be able to make any environment comfortable. This also means that is necessary for them to have "a nest" in order to be happy.

On the negative side, 6 Life Path people tend to be controlling, unless they are very self-aware. This is the vibration of the mother, nurse, social worker, teacher and nurturer, so it's natural for them to take charge, especially when someone, or something, needs care.

In some cases the 6 can overdo helping others, so it's important for their own benefit to build balance into their personal lives. They can sometimes be overprotective of their loved ones.

There are many extremely successful artists born under the influence of 6. There is a very strong creative side to this energy, and when they're not making the world a more comfortable cozy place for the rest of us, they can be busy writing, making music, dancing or acting.

It's hard to resist a 6 if they want to interact with you. They have lots of charisma, and magnetic personalities. Their ability to be empathetic draws others to them like moths to the flame.

When a 6 Life Path person loves someone, they can be blind to their faults, often putting them on a pedestal—and ignoring their clay feet. For this reason it's important for the 6 to be realistic in emotional matters. They are naturally very aware, but sometimes the awareness gets lost in romantic or parenting moments.

And if we had a choice when it came to choosing our parents (some say we are), we might all be happier—from a numerology perspective, at least—we would likely all be happier with 6 parents. Sixes love their children and their home above everything else.


Famous 6 Life Path people: 

Britney Spears - December 2, 1981

John McEnroe - February 16, 1959

Goldie Hawn - November 21, 1945

Ian Fleming - May 28, 1908

Justin Timberlake - January 31, 1981

Victoria Beckham - April 17, 1974

Jennifer Lawrence August 15, 1990.

John Lennon - October 9, 1940

Stephen King - September 21, 1947

Jessica Alba - April 28, 1981

Jude Law - December 29, 1972

Michael Caine - March 14, 1933



Life Path 7: Mystery

7 Life Path people are among the most mysterious of all of the Life Paths. They tend to keep their feelings to themselves, and are hard to understand for the people around them.

7 Life Path people are thinkers. They tend to analyze everything, and for this reason are often brilliant in the areas of science and intellectual pursuits.

7 Life Path people need their own space much more so than other numbers and for this reason often do not reach out and make friendships.

In this they achieve their need for alone time, but paradoxically often find themselves feeling lonely.

Solitude gives them lots of opportunity to thing and create since this is a very creative energy but as a result of this necessity for alone time, and sometimes because they are so observant they are overly critical they find themselves with very few friends and often lonely.

7 Life Path people are usually astute in judging others. They tend to lean strongly towards the spiritual, or technology or science.

Because they are deep thinkers they often appear to be aloof or distant. 7 Life Path people tend to value their own opinions highly, and for that reason are often inflexible.

Relationships are difficult for most 7s. They tend to be very careful in choosing friends, and usually prefer to be approached rather than approaching others.

If you want a logical answer to a question, ask a 7.

7 Life Path people are almost never happy or satisfied if they are confined to small spaces, or under the influence of difficult employers or managers. They need to be given the opportunity to work things out for themselves. When given responsibility, 7 Life Path people are likely to take it very seriously.

Having access to the outdoors is one of the most important aspects of the life of a 7. Nature is nurturing for the spirit of the complex and eccentric 7 Life Path person.


Famous Life Path 7 people: 

Julia Roberts - October 28, 1967

Princess Diana - July 1, 1961

Leonardo DiCaprio - November 11, 1974

Marilyn Monroe - June 1, 1926

James Cameron - August 16, 1954

Johnny Depp - June 9, 1963

Natalie Portman - June 9, 1981

Al Pacino - April 25, 1940

Eric Clapton - March 30, 1945

Taylor Swift - December 13, 1989

Stephen Hawking - January 8, 1942


Life Path 8: Power

8 Life Path people are among the most powerful of the Life Path numbers. They are leaders, especially in the world of business finance and even politics.

8 Life Path people have sharp intuition, which they use to make decisions about people, and business in the world. Though many 8 Life Path people are inclined towards spiritual beliefs, it is in the material world of money and things that they shine.

8 Life Path people are natural leaders, and it is important for them to avoid being overly controlling in their intimate circles.

They are excellent organizers, are ambitious, and usually have powerful and energetic personalities.

Eights at their best are ambitious, powerful, organizers for the good of others. They are usually energetic and are able to "get things done.

On the negative side, some of the greatest con artists in the world have taken their natural 8 gifts and turned to unscrupulous transactions and used manipulation to fulfill their needs. Because of their ability to impress others with their energy and understanding of the material world, they are often able to take advantage of those less acute.

8 Life Path people have the ability to manipulate others, especially in the area and money and finance.


Famous 8 Life Path People:

Nelson Mandela - July 18, 1918

Pablo Picasso - October 25, 1881

Sandra Bullock - July 26, 1964

Wayne Gretzky - January 26, 1961

Brooke Shields - May 31st 1965

Halle Berry - August 14, 1966

Matt Damon - October 8, 1970

Whoopi Goldberg - November 13, 1955

Sarah McLachlan - January 28, 1968


Life Path 9: Humanitarianism

9 Life Path people are natural leaders. At their best they are humanitarians who are compelled to help others by their nature. They tend to be compassionate, multitalented and idealistic.

9 Life Path people do not come to the planet for easy lives. It is believed that the 9 Life Path is the end of a series of incarnations, and it is also believed that 9 contains all other numbers within it; therefore the nine Life Path always contains a variety of experience. Although 9 Life Path people tend to need and desire the comfort and love of family they often do not achieve this goal.

Many 9 Life Path children come into homes likely to be broken or dysfunctional. There is a very sensitive side to the 9, and this is often expressed in artistic endeavours. Pursuits such as writing, painting, acting or music are often on the path of the 9.

Many 9 Life Path people follow the path of spirituality. Their natural sensitivity allows them access to other worlds and some of the best known mediums and musicians are born under the 9 Life Path.

The 9 is capable of unconditional love for humans and animals, but on the opposite side of this very giving nature, we find people who are extremely self-centered, melodramatic, jealous and spiteful.

It can be truly said that when a 9 is good, they are very, very good, but when they are bad they are terrible. 9 is a number of intense energy for good, and sometimes for extreme negativity.

It is interesting to note that some of the most famous psychics in the Western world were born under the influence of 9.


Famous 9 Life Path people

Elvis Presley - January 8, 1935

Mahatma Gandhi - October 2, 1869

Mother Teresa - August 26, 1910

Bob Marley - February 6, 1945

Jim Carrey - January 17, 1962

Dustin Hoffman - August 8, 1937

Sharon Stone - March 10, 1958

Alicia Keys - January 25, 1981

Cher - May 20, 1946

Jimi Hendrix - November 27, 1942

Justin Bieber - March 1 1994

James Van Praagh - August 23, 1958

Lisa Williams - June 19, 1973

John Edward - October 19, 1969



Master Numbers are double-digit numbers which are left intact. The reason for this is because these numbers are outside the usual. People who bear these numbers tend to look at life differently.

From a spiritual perspective we believe Master Number Life Path people are old souls who come into incarnation with higher vibrations.

In my practice I pay a great deal of attention to 11 and 22, whether these numbers show up as Life Path numbers, or modifiers.

Modifiers are birthday numbers, but in the case of the 22, it sometimes shows up in the third phase of life, which is arrived at by taking the year of birth and adding it together.

We believe that people who have Master Numbers in their charts are "old souls".

However, not everyone who has the Master Number in their chart will develop the full potential they possess. Some will manifest as a smaller version of themselves.

When we meet a Master Number who does not seem to be behaving as a Master Number, we must reduce that number to one digit and be satisfied that this is a decision the soul has made.

Some numerologists include 33 as a Master Number. I have difficulty seeing the manifestation of 33 in life and in my clients.


11 Life Path: ‘The Old Soul’

When you meet at an 11 for the first time, and even subsequent times, you may notice that there is something "different" about them.

Numerologists believe that Master Numbers are really "old souls". It's easier to see the spiritual side of the "old soul" in the 11 than in any other number.

By nature, 11 Life Path people are intuitive and very sensitive. Most are a little on the highly strung side. They are highly creative, often artistic and almost always visionary. They have a tendency to be peacemakers and will desire peace within a relationship or in the world, even though they may be called unrealistic for striving for peace.

Eleven Life Path people have been called the revealers, and sometimes the messengers.

They come to the planet to uplift and inspire. An inordinate number of 11s are found in the media and in entertainment.

Eleven Life Path people have insight, but they don't always listen or react to what they know. They are not always practical. Usually the high-strung 11 is stressed. They tend to be sensitive, and they can also be very body-oriented.

Most 11 Life Path people have a highly sensitive antenna, which helps them understand people they are in contact with.


Famous 11 Life Path people:

Michael Jordan - February 17, 1963

Ronald Regan - February 6, 1911

Bill Clinton - August 19, 1946

Prince William - June 21, 1982

Lucy Liu - December 2, 1968

Robert Downey Junior - April 4, 1965

Annie Lennox - December 25, 1954

David Beckham - May 2, 1975

Edgar Allen Poe - January 19, 1809


Life Path 22: The Bigger Picture

The 22 Life Path person is almost always noticeable. In many cases they are "larger-than-life" in energy, and sometimes also in physical appearance.

Twenty-two Life Path people come to serve the greater good of humanity. They are powerful and can be overbearing at times. Most 22 Life Path people are good organizers, methodical, and natural leaders.

Tact is not the primary gift of the 22 Life Path; they tend to be impatient and straightforward to the point of bluntness. They can be rigid in their beliefs, and are almost always concentrated on their own special purpose and the larger picture.

22 Life Path people are better at solving larger problems than smaller ones.

The 22, when functioning at their best, always thinks outside the box and has a vision for the world that is beyond what most people imagine.

Many entrepreneurs are born under the influence of 22 either in their Life Path number or as a modifier in their chart.


Famous 22 Life Path people:

The Dalai Lama - July 6, 1935

Bryan Adams - November 5, 1959

Paul McCartney - June 18, 1942

Will Smith - September 25, 1968

Tina Fey - May 18, 1970

Matthew McConaughey - November 4, 1969

Richard Branson - July 9, 1950