What To Expect in a Reading

I’ve included the following information to provide my prospective clients with a basic overview of how I approach a reading. Yours will be absolutely unique to you and may be customized, depending on your needs and questions.


Your Numerology Chart

I begin each reading by creating your numerology chart: I calculate your Life Path number, examine the vibration of your name, and determine your current Cycle Year. I also provide you with a look at the near future, by examining the coming Cycle Year.

The numerological part of the reading will help to pinpoint any important dates and months to be aware of. If you have specific questions about the coming year, please do bring them along. Some clients come to a reading asking for the best cycle time to marry, launch a new project, file a lawsuit, travel, change jobs, get divorced, and/or even the best time (cycle) in which to get pregnant. Numerology can indeed help you to understand and plan for these events.

My readings are based on the understanding that we live in a cycle pattern that begins on the day we are born, and is divided into two parts: an outer aspect, which deals with the influences of the material world; and an inner aspect, which influences our emotional and spiritual being. This outer world and inner world cycle pattern follows us through the years, months and even days of our lives.

How Numerology Can Help You 

Established clients of mine usually book readings once or twice a year--and sometimes more often--to look at the cycle they are in as well as the Cycle Years of friends and family. Looking at the cycles of those close to us is helpful in understanding what to expect from, and how to respond to, those whose lives closely touch our own. Parents often find it particularly useful as well as enlightening to receive this insight into their children’s Cycle Year; and it is of course useful for any one of us to better understand where our partners, parents, coworkers, friends and lovers are in their cycles.

I have spent years examining the cycles of my clients. Each year brings a different energy or vibration, and we all react differently, depending on the vibration of our own personal cycle year.

Tarot Card Reading

In a typical reading, I usually proceed from the Numerology Chart to the Tarot Cards.  

I never cease to be amazed at the synchronistic miracle of Tarot Cards.

A Tarot reading is not limited to each card having a specific meaning. I see them as living, ever-changing, ongoing and energetic small windows into the life and future of a client.

When you look from a window, the scene outside is never exactly the same. All depends on the time of day, the season, and the creatures or people which may inhabit that particular space at that particular time.

I think it is important to note that the cards vary in meaning from reading to reading. Interpretation is very important and having the courage to interpret, and link a tarot card with your own inner intuition, usually brings miraculously accurate insights into the conditions and challenges the client is facing.

The Tarot reading--whether in person, or on the phone--becomes the focal point of the reading as the client's particular pattern unfolds. Tarot cards are amazingly accurate in picking out present patterns and future possibilities.There is no future engraved in stone. We can always shape our destiny by what we think and do within our own karmic space.

Having said that, however, we may also see that the Tarot is a synchronistic Oracle which allows a deep penetration into the likely outcome of the present pattern, and into understanding that helps to shape the future.

I feel that Tarot cards are links to the unconscious of the client and the reader, and when they move into that space together, great insight can so often be gained. 


I began my official career as a reader, after having spent many years in the company of a very talented English spiritualist medium.

When I was little, I was able to sense and see and hear spirits, but as I grew and became more "worldly" I tried to dismiss that world.

Mediumship is not my primary way of working with clients, but it certainly is a part of what I do. 

For many years I tried to ignore my mediumship, but the harder I tried, the more persistent the spirits were. As they continue to show up in my office with the people they wanted to communicate to, I began more and more to acknowledge them.