Phone Consultations

I like the challenge of phone readings. Though many people feel that they prefer the one-on-one contact of an in-person reading, in many ways readings done over the phone are easier and more convenient for the client, more challenging for the psychic, and often much more evidential.

The challenge of a phone reading is that the reader is working without minimal clues (body language, type of clothing, etc.). In a phone consultation, a psychic has only the client’s cycle chart—the client’s name and birth year, month and day—and her own psychic gift to work with.

When a person is physically present for a reading, the psychic must ignore minimal clues such as physical size, types of jewellery, scent—and even the reaction of the resident dog.

Phone readings have fewer distractions, and the psychic is totally dependent on her gift of interpretation. Then, the proof is in the reading, so to speak.