Finding "The One": Using Numerology to Understand Compatibility

flowersDetermining compatibility between people, and understanding the level of compatibility between potential life partners or lovers, is perhaps one of the most useful—and ultimately accurate—applications of numerology.

The month, day and year of an individual’s birth can be added together and reduced to one number to identify that person’s ‘Life Path’ number—although please

note that in the case of master numbers 11 and 22, the number is not reduced because of the special qualities of those particular numbers.

If you are not familiar with numerology, it might be helpful to consider the Life Path number much as you would an astrological sign. Many of us in the Western world, for example, tend to nod knowingly when told that someone is a Gemini or Virgo or Sagittarian or perhaps a sensitive Pisces. Some of us draw conclusions about a person if we know they’re an Ox or Tiger or perhaps a Dragon, in eastern astrology.

Numerology, though, is simpler and quicker and relies directly on the vibration of numbers themselves.

Once we know a person’s month, day and year of birth, we have immediate access to what I believe is an indication of the path the soul has chosen for this lifetime.

The Life Path number, along with its modifiers (the most important of which is the day of birth) is a mathematical equation informing us of personality and potential.

In addition, a person’s name at birth, and the common name the person is known by today, can tell a great deal about who the person is, and even how they may approach partnership in love and career.

From a person’s month, day and year we can determine personality traits, strengths, weaknesses and even how the person is feeling about life based on their personal cycle at the time of a reading.

This is where compatibility comes in.

Numerology can tell a great deal about whether people who are setting up partnerships are compatible with each other, whether the partnership be romantic or business. 

It can also tell a great deal about what the person will expect from all of their connections in their lives, whether they be friends, co-workers bosses and even their children.

Numerology can also explain what the children in any person's life expect from their parents and the wider world, as well.

Yes, But Is He/She ‘The One’?

Without question, the most common question I am asked in a numerology/psychic reading is indeed: "Is he/she the one?"

By looking at the Life Path of each person, along with the month, day and year of birth, and the name of each person being queried, it is possible to tell a great deal about compatibility.

Knowing your partner's Life Path number and the vibration of his or her name is also extremely useful in helping each party understand how best to communicate, and how to understand where their partner is coming from emotionally, spiritually and psychologically.

For instance, if a 1 life path person is attracted to a 2 life path person, it will be very important for the 1 to understand that the 2 is likely to take a much softer, and perhaps even a little slower, approach to solving problems.

The 1 life path person tends to be direct and action oriented. This is a natural leader who will sometimes jump into the pool before determining that there is enough water to take a swim.

The 2 life path person is more likely to not only check to see how much water is in the pool, but also to gauge the temperature and cleanliness of the water before making a commitment to jump in.

This is just a small example. There is so much more to say about this combination, and there are so many other examples possible.

Suffice it to say that it's important to not expect your partner to be exactly like you.

Even a difference in the combination of the name, as in identical twins, for instance, who are often very different in personality, will make a difference.

Looking at compatibility through the lens of numerology is a wonderful tool for determining your partner's strengths, understanding their style of communication and predicting how they will react at any given time.