I Want to Sing in a Cowboy Church

Last week I worked in Alberta. While I was in Edmonton, I did a reading for a woman who said “I want to sing in a cowboy church.”

The woman was a 9 under a 22 life path, the same life path as my goddess daughter, Ainsley.

It had never occurred to me that there was such a thing on the planet as a cowboy church. Apparently there is, somewhere near Camrose, Alberta.

The 9-under-22-life-path client had had a very big life. Since I am particularly curious about this type of life-path person, and especially the type of professional life they choose, I asked her about some of her jobs.

The list was very long and included cook, cowgirl, store detective, restaurant owner, lab technician specializing in drawing blood, and, finally, singer—a singer looking forward to her next adventure: singing in the choir of a cowboy church.