Numerology for the Newlyweds: Jennifer and Justin

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux

Numerologically speaking, Jennifer Aniston has leapt into a whole new number vibration by choosing Justin Theroux as partner and, now, husband.

Jennifer was born February 11, 1969. This gives her a 2 life path, under the influence of the master number 11. Justin was born August 10, 1971. This gives him a 9 life path, with a determined 1 modifier.

In the past, Jennifer has not ventured into relationships with such a strong person. Her most famous and complex relationship was with first-husband Brad Pitt—a 4 life path. There was Ben Affleck, who is a 6 life path; John Mayer, a 5 life path; Tate Donovan, an 8 life path; and Adam Duritz, an 11 life path.

Jennifer has not repeated a particular life path number in her men, which is interesting, since we nearly all gravitate towards one type of life path energy in our partners. Even when we

don't know that life path numbers exist, we’ll try time and time again to make some incompatible combination work—even with many different people.

Justin is Jennifer's first 9 life path. 2 life path people often gravitate towards the powerful and charismatic 9—even though the two are quite different in life view. The 2, seems more cautious in its approach to life, and the 9—perhaps forced by destiny—takes a more unconventional and wider approach to life.

Numerologists say 9 is all other numbers combined. It's possible, the search is over!

Interesting to note: Justin's last relationship, which lasted a very long time, was with Heidi Bivens who is a 2 life path person, with a 9 modifier.

Jennifer may be experimenting with all the different life paths, looking for "the one,” but Justin has traded a 2 life path woman, for a 2 life path woman. Their modifiers are different, but they share many of the same virtues and weaknesses.

I believe Jennifer and Justin are an excellent match. It will be interesting to see what happens from this time forward.

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