Julianne Moore: Perfect Artistic Expression in the Numbers

I wrote recently about the talented (and seemingly ubiquitous) Benedict Cumberbatch, and realizing that Mr. Cumberbatch and fellow Oscar nominee Julianne Moore have more in common than you might think.

Julianne was born December 3, 1960. This makes her a 4 Life Path person under the influence of 3.

I have always felt that this is the perfect artistic expression Life Path number. The perfectionism of the 4 and the artistic and communicative ability of the number 3 seem to bring a perfect balance of art and dedication to discipline and hard work.

Julianne, like Benedict, is in an 8 Cycle Year: the year of harvest and reward for hard work. However, her Cycle Year is a 5/8.

5 always brings unexpected events and upsets.

I am a big fan of Juliana Moore, and though I haven't seen Still Alice yet (or read the book, admittedly, even though several friends have offered to lend it to me), I sincerely hope she receives recognition for her hard work.