The Test Cycle Year Strikes: Piers Morgan

Not everyone missed Piers Morgan when he left CNN, but I did.

Perhaps he was the wrong voice in the wrong place, but his straightforward English style of interviewing, and especially his passion for gun control, would have caused me to be a fan even if I hadn't liked his personality and interview style, but I did.

Piers Morgan was doing what any good 9 Life Path person is supposed to do: he was speaking out. Perhaps he was unpopular—as many 9 Life Path people are—because people saw him as mouthy, or as outspoken to the point of hysteria. But for me, a bit more hysteria regarding the need for gun control seems to be necessary, not just in the United States, but in all of the world today.

In the last few days there has been a storm online and on via other social media because Piers Morgan said that only the African-American community in the United States can dispense with the "N" word, once and for all. Specifically, he wrote in an op-ed article for the Daily Mail that: the word would only be eradicated in our culture "when America's black community applies the same level of tolerance to its own use of the word as that now applied in the National Football League: zero."

This makes sense to me.

I'm not African-American, but it seems to me that Morgan is just speaking common sense. Or that he is being interfering or patronizing but simply saying that the black community must dispense with the word before the rest of the world understands the gravity of using it.

From my perspective this is all just Piers being Piers.

The 9 Life Path

Piers Morgan was born March 30, 1965, and is—as I noted earlier—a 9 Life Path person.

9 Life Path people are meant to be humanitarians, and to some extent to interfere or speak out. You often find them speaking out on matters of compassion or human rights.

People with a variety of gifts including Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa and Adele, were all born with a 9 life paths. It is believed to be the end of a series of incarnations.

9s are usually very charismatic people. They talk a lot and are easy to talk to. They tend to have a broad view of the world, and any subject dealing with current or world affairs is bound to interest them. They are also interested in art, theater and humanitarian causes.

However, don't try and engage them in small talk or the weather. Sometimes they can be rude, and small talk is likely to bring out that side of their nature.

The Dreaded Test Cycle: 4

This year is a 4/7 Cycle Year for Piers Morgan. The description of this year is identity crisis and severe testing. Since Piers was let go of CNN for lack of followers, surely that is an easy description of the 4 cycle year.

4 is a Test Cycle year. Being dropped from CNN must have been a great test. The other part of his cycle this year is 7, which is about identity crisis. Makes sense – doesn't it?

2015 will be a much better cycle year for Piers Morgan. He will be in a 5/8 cycle year: a slightly chaotic year of much excitement (starting now, it seems) and also of harvest, and coming into his own power. It's also a year very much focused on finances.

Perhaps he’ll find a better job than hosting on CNN? We will watch and see.