The Wedding of Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney: Will the Marriage Last, According to Numerology?

Anyone who has had even the slightest exposure to news media in the last couple of weeks could not have escaped "the wedding." It was everywhere.

As a numerologist I could not resist a look at their compatibility possibilities, and most important to me, as an avid cycle watcher, is what their chances are based on the energies of each of their cycles this year with the commencement of the marriage.

The beginning of any new venture – even marriage – is very important in numerology.

George Clooney was born May 6, 1961. This birthday endows him with all the charm, good fortune, and confidence that comes with being a 1 Life Path person.

That is stating the obvious, in this case.

1 Life Path people are leaders, individualistic, and often feel they are the center of the world. George Clooney has been the center of the "available bachelor" world for a long time now.

He is in a 6/9 Cycle Year this year. It is interesting to notice that he, in his 6 Cycle Year—a year of love and domesticity, as well as service and family—gave in to the urge to nest which often comes with this particular Cycle Year.

The engagement happened in April, at a time when the influence of the nesting urge was strongest. It’s interesting that even the most determined of us—and even George Clooney, with all his power in the world—cannot resist the influence of cycles.

If I were George Clooney, or George Clooney's numerologist, however, I would be a bit concerned about the timing of the marriage.

Although George is under the influence of the nesting cycle 6, there is also another cycle in play, one that is even more influential this year.

George Clooney is in a 9/6 Cycle Year in 2014.

9 marks the end of a nine-year cycle, and it could be argued that in this case, the 9 represents the end of his single life. But it is always dangerous to launch new ventures at the end of the cycle. Even a marriage.

Amal is also in a 6/3 nesting cycle.

Obviously she has been influenced by the need to settle, which the 6 Cycle Year energy brings. She has resisted coupling for quite a while as well.

Her Life Path number is 3 so she is well-equipped to deal with the powerful personality of her new partner.

The fly in the ointment is this: next year George enters a 1/7 Cycle Year.

Both 1 and 7 influences are about individuality, introspection, and the need for alone time. The excitement of George's new commitment may overcome his intensified need to be his own person. But he will struggle.

We shall see how he manages.

To make the fly even larger: Amal moves into a 4/7 Cycle Year in 2015. The 2015 Cycle Year, for her, contains intense emotional tests, and also a need for alone time, spiritual reflection and also privacy.

Can these two powerful individuals navigate the tests and adjustments of the first year of a new marriage—let alone the complexities of the 7 Cycle Year?

It will be very interesting to watch, and watch we will, with great interest.