Studying with Paul Jacobs and Mavis Patella at House of Spirit, Hannover Germany.


The psychic part of my journey has really begun now. Tonight, after a rather harrowing journey from London I attended the first evening of a five-day course on mediumship. The tutors are two of the best in the world. Paul Jacobs and Mavis Patella.

 The seminar is happening at the House of Spirit. It is a lovely environment. The name refers to courses taught in the art of mediumship, but Paul's partner happens to be a wine expert of great renown in Europe, so the name has a double meaning, since courses in wine tasting are also given at the center.

It is quite intimidating to be studying with two such great masters, and I notice that all of the 36 students seem a little nervous.
These two tutors have lived mediumship their whole lives, and they take it very seriously. A great deal will be expected of all the participants in the next few days.

At the end of the evening lecture we were treated to finger foods and wine. Obviously, we were off to a great start. There are only 4 native English speakers in the course. Everyone else, as far as I can tell, speaks German.
Fortunately for me, English is a second  language for everyone.
The real work starts tomorrow at 9:30 AM.

There is an English documentary filmmaker recording some of the proceedings. He has asked me if I will be willing to be interviewed. I said yes.