Tiger Woods’s New Relationship


Tiger Woods is in a new relationship! From a numerologist’s perspective, this relationship is nothing short of fascinating. Finally, the elusive and self-centered, 1 life path Tiger seems to have chosen a formidable 5 life path lioness for a partner in Lindsey Vonn, or perhaps she chose him. Do these two species ever communicate? In any case, it will be very interesting to see how these two big cats of the sporting world play out their mating ritual.

Tiger Woods is a 1 life path person—strong, independent and definitely the king of his own patch of jungle. I suppose that would be the golf world. Lindsey Vonn is a 5 life path person—bright, curious, adventurous, and unpredictable, prowling the high terrain and snowy slopes of the ski world.

To say that they are evenly matched would be a huge understatement. There is nothing about Lindsay’s chart to indicate she is only a decorative pussycat. On the contrary, her 5 life path is more than a match for Tiger’s 1 life path.

I believe the only hope for these two cats is to find a ringmaster or -mistress (relationship counsellor) so skilled in communicating with wild things that they will both be willing to respond and obey the snap of a psychological whip.

This year Tiger Woods is in a 3/6 cycle year. This is the year of home, domesticity and love.

Lindsey Vonn is in a 7/7 cycle year, a year of independence, introspection, and searching for identity. Will she curl up and purr beside the restless, unpredictable Tiger? Only time will tell. But, in my humble numerological opinion, the numbers are stacked against them.