Where Is My Cat?: A Question from the Spirit World


Do spirits worry about their pets?

The answer, at least in a recent situation, seems to be yes.

A few weeks ago, a client asked if his mother was okay on the other side.

I use tarot cards to ask direct questions about the spirit world, an unusual method, I think, but one that works for me.

The first image to arise was of a middle-aged woman standing in front of a lilac tree in full bloom, in a prairie landscape. The man confirmed that he had grown up with a lilac bush in front of his family home, and that his mother had passed unexpectedly in midlife. At this point he was extremely emotional, and he explained that his mom had passed very recently. It felt as if we had a good contact.

I looked for more evidence, and the next image that came was of an unusually large and beautiful grey cat. I asked my client if he recognized the cat, and he replied that the cat was one of the most important elements in his mother’s life in her last several years.

The man was very touched by his mother’s communication, and since he did not seem to require more proof of his mother’s survival in the spirit world, I was about to bring the session to a close, when I heard the mother ask, clearly and distinctly, “Where is my cat?”

I relayed the question to the client and, to my dismay, watched as his face turned from a healthy pink to a decidedly unhealthy grey.

“I took the cat to the vet to be adopted,” he said.

“And did it find a good home?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” he said. “I didn’t check.”

I assume that since the cat did not show up in spirit beside the woman that it is still on the Earth plane. I only hope, for my client’s sake, that he is able to determine the cat’s fate, and that it is a happy outcome.