Martha Stewart: Life Path of a Survivor

Martha StewartI wrote recently about the announcement that the most beautiful woman in the world, according to People Magazine, is Sandra Bullock.

Sandra Bullock is an 8 life path person—a life path shared by Martha Stewart. And indeed, Martha seems to be a more typical—and powerful— 8

, at least on the surface, than sweet, self-deprecating, Sandra. True to 8 form, Martha has throughout her life been able to attract success, and act as the arbiter of all nice things, especially food. Like a typical 8, she is also wealthy, successful, managerial, and a great survivor; she was, after all, able to regenerate her career life, even after a short stint in jail. I must admit I'm a great admirer of Martha—probably  because she is such a great survivor.

From a numerology perspective, Martha's survival abilities stem partly from the fact that she has a 3 as her modifying influence (her day of birth).

However, at age 54, the 3 in Martha Stewart's chart was superceded by 6, which is now her major influence. It's worth noting that this phenomenon happens to every human at age 54: we each go from being influenced by the day of our birth, to being primarily influenced by the digit that represents the year of our birth.

Martha Stewart may have softened up a little when she came under the influence of 6, which is the number of family, love, domesticity. My reading is that she is probably more comfortable in her own skin now, since she's always been a domestic goddess and 6 is definitely domestic goddess material.

Martha Stewart's cycle this year is very important because she is seeding the next 9 year chapter of life. She is in a brand-new 1 cycle year on the material plane.

However, there is a little fly in the ointment, on the emotional plane she's under the influence of 4, which always brings tests, and usually a great deal of hard work.

Knowing Martha Stuart, though, she is likely to hunker down and work hard as you are meant to do under the influence of 4. This is because 8 life path people are almost always hard-working, successful, survivors.

Martha Stewart is a good example of an 8 life path person living her full potential.