The Numerology of a True Gentleman: Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch does seem to be everywhere, doesn’t he? 
He was born July 19, 1976, and is a 4 Life Path person under the influence of 1.
This year Benedict Cumberbatch has a very good chance at winning the coveted Best Actor award at the Academy Awards. I, for one, hope he does.
The Numbers of Success--and Re-Evaluation
"Bennie," as he is known to his intimates, is in a 7/8 Cycle Year. 8 is the number of success--both of the monetary and emotional variety. It is a very karmic number, meaning that it is the number of harvest, so when a person is in a 8 cycle,

they are likely to reap the benefits of what they have sown over the last eight years.

It is clear that Benedict Cumberbatch has been working hard, although perhaps not so much in the glare of publicity as many stars. And he has gradually received more and more acknowledgment for his efforts.
We must not overlook the fact that this interesting and talented actor is also in a 7 outer world cycle. This is a cycle of re-evaluation and looking within, and, changing identity. And perhaps an Academy Award nomination does bring a great opportunity to re-evaluate one's values.
Of all the movies I have seen this season, the Imitation Game was a favourite. This was possibly because I simply enjoyed watching Cumberbatch: this "not typical" person. For similar reasons, I also found him extremely interesting in the series Sherlock, which I viewed on Netflix with great delight.
More recently, many were impressed with the gentlemanly aspects of this gentle man – and I think he is a gentle man – when he offered a typically English apology for a mistake he made during an interview. He was self-deprecating, and sincerely sorry. What is not to admire?
Such behaviour is very much in keeping with the the characteristics of the 4 Life Path: being naturally modest and really not enjoying being wrong about anything.
So seldom do celebrity apologies seem authentic. But in spite of the fact that he is a consummate actor, I for one believed the apology implicitly.