Tarot and Synchronicity

Recently I was asked to do a house cleansing/blessing. I don’t work in other people’s houses often, but the reason for the house blessing/cleansing was that the owners were expecting twins and had decided they wanted to cleanse the energy of the house before they brought the two new family members home. I agreed to do the blessing, gathered my implements into what I call my “witch’s bag” and set out to the house.

When the cleansing was complete, I prepared, as agreed, to do a brief reading for each of the parents. The mother-to-be was understandably a little nervous about having a reading and had asked that I only look at business and career for her. I was relieved. Tarot cards are unpredictable sometimes the ambiguous images mislead people who are not familiar with tarot. For instance, the death card can frighten people but often it just means the end of a project or relationship, or a completion of some sort.

I had chosen to bring the Voyager tarot, a beautiful modern deck in which all the images are collages. As I reached for my bag, my hand slipped and the whole Voyager tarot deck spilled to the floor, all face down except one card. Everything stopped for a moment, then I reached for the face-up card and handed it to the mother-to-be.

It was the symbol of the Preserver, a beautiful collage with a serene pregnant woman featured at the center. In that moment of synchronicity, we all breathed a sigh of relief. It was obvious that the woman was being reassured.

Two weeks later, the twins had still not been born. The expecting parents had come to my office to work on balancing a business name. When we were finished with business, as requested, I pulled some cards for the father-to-be—the mother having said again that she would prefer not to ask any questions about the pregnancy or delivery. Again, I felt relieved, but at the very last minute, the mother-to-be changed her mind and asked if we could look at the delivery through the cards.

I handed her the Voyager deck and suggested she do what she felt was best. Without looking, she plunged her hand into the center of the deck, and out of the seventy-eight cards, she chose just one. It was the Preserver.

The twins were born the next day, healthy and perfect, and according to the parents, it was an easy delivery.