Ellar Coltrane of Boyhood: A Powerful Life Path

If you have seen the movie Boyhood, it will be obvious that Ellar Coltrane (shown left, with Boyhood director Richard Linklater), the movie’s focal point, is not a usual child.

Although Ellar has been presented as ‘just a normal boy growing up in Texas’, it seemed to me while watching the film—and observing how he handles its success—that he is not that usual at all.

He did not, for example, opt out of the process of creating the movie when he became a teenager.

I must admit I was surprised that he didn't. It would have been the perfect venue for rebellion, after having being followed around for years and years by a camera crew.

A Special Life Path

Ellar Coltrane, born August 27, 1994, is a 22 Life Path, under the influence of 9.

22 Life Path people in numerology are considered to be quite special. This is the vibration of larger–than-life energy. The early numerologist called this the Life Path of "the material master"; today we refer to this Life Path as that of “the master builder.” This Life Path is considered very powerful.

Of additional interest in Ellar Coltrane’s chart is the fact that his birthday, which is the most important modifying influence in his life, is the 27th.; when reduced to one number this becomes a 9. Numerologists believe that the 9 energy potentiates, or makes more powerful, any number it is combined with—making Coltrane’s 22 Life Path even more powerful.

This young man already seems to have had considerable success in his life as an actor. It will be intriguing to watch where his career goes from this point on.

The Year Ahead

This year, Ellar is in a 7/7 cycle year. This will be a reclusive year, a year of creativity, and a year of keeping secrets.

It is therefore unlikely that we are going to hear a great deal about how he really feels about what is happening in his life right now. And indeed, this tends to be a year of what I like to call "identity crisis." Being thrust into the spotlight in the way this movie has caused them to be, will certainly challenge his strength and his identity.

Ellar Coltrane’s 22 Life Path puts him in interesting company: Richard Branson, Paul McCartney, Bryan Adams, all share this interesting and complex Life Path.