The Cornucopia of Abundance

This morning, I woke up thinking about abundance.  Vancouver seems to be abundant in blossom, visitors and even medals right now. We also seem to be extremely abundant in red clothing.

So today, while thinking about abundance, how we achieve it, if we notice it when it’s all around us, why some people—no matter how abundant their lives are—live in “not abundance,” I was distracted by my little dog, Siriuss, staring fixedly out the window for so long that I just had to see what he was watching.

In the lane behind my house, two men were struggling to fit a huge cornucopia the size of a parade float into a one-car garage. The struggle went on for quite a while. The cornucopia did not want to go into the garage. The men undressed from heavy winter jackets all the way down to T-shirts and shorts before the cornucopia finally relented and allowed itself to be squeezed into the garage.

Abundance, or the symbols thereof, can be large and awkward, but very beautiful.