Dragon NaturallySpeaking as Medium


I am a professional psychic and have been using Dragon NaturallySpeaking voice recognition software for several years now.  It has changed my life in many ways, for instance, it has helped me earn two diplomas in creative writing. Aside from using it to write and to make appointments by e-mail, it did not occur to me that Dragon voice recognition software could have a spectacular application in my psychic life.

During the course of my career I have studied mediumship (the art of speaking to people who have passed to the other side of life) and have used it(mediumship) in my psychic work from time to time, though it has never been my main focus. Numerology and tarot cards, and of course intuition and psychic ability are where all my readings begin.

Imagine my surprise then, when Dragon NaturallySpeaking became an instrument for mediumship, and automatic writing, by way of a computer, became a vehicle for communication with a recently passed relative.

My daughter-in-law's mother died in May.  Her name is Joan, and I had never met her, but my son had spent time with her just before her death.  In one of their last visits, the topic of conversation had been his new preoccupation with walking for exercise.  This is something that has made me very happy since I had been concerned that his lack of exercise was affecting his health.

On the day after Joan’s passing, I had spent a good part of the afternoon in communication with Nuance, Dragon NaturallySpeaking support, asking questions and generally fine tuning my Dragon 10. That evening I returned to my computer, expecting the improvements I felt I had made to the functioning of my Dragon.

I was writing to my editor – I am working on a book on numerology cycles – to arrange an appointment to meet that week. I was saying something like: Would Friday afternoon at 3 work for you?

Dragon wrote, "I know you know when he is walking."

Of course, I was startled, and puzzled, especially since I had spent so much time and effort fine tuning the my voice recognition software earlier that day, but I continued to try and write the e-mail. Several other lines appeared in the e-mail that bore no resemblance to what I was trying to say.

  At first I thought it was ‘Dragonese,’(Dragonese is what I call nonsense writing which Dragon sometimes does if it does not understand what is being said) but the discrepancies were so wide, and so personal, and clearly relating to our family, that it soon became obvious that something quite different, and, quite eerie was happening.

In the end I gave up on the e-mail, saved the draft and poured a stiff gin and tonic.

When my editor visited later that week, I began to show her the phenomenon, which had continued during the week, meanwhile gossiping a little about Joan who had passed.

While we were speaking, away from the computer Dragon wrote, "SPEAK NO EVIL."

The communication has continued on and off since then.  Sometimes it is more intense and clearer than at other times.  Sometimes amusing, sometimes irritating.  It does show very little sign of ending.

You could say that this is an unusual way for a family to stay in touch through Dragon NaturallySpeaking voice recognition software.