Wonderful workshop with Tony Stockwell and Lisa Williams.


Earlier this month I attended a workshop with the famous medium Tony Stockwell from England , and equally well-known, Lisa Williams, formerly of England but now firmly ensconced in California .

The workshop was wonderful, not only the experience of being in the presence of a room full of psychics, but also the amazing new and revolutionary insights into psychic work which came from both Tony and Lisa.

My industry – if you can call what I do an industry – consists of a relatively small group of people. So, meeting with others who are gainfully employed in walking between the worlds, is quite an experience. I suppose you could call the workshop professional development for psychics.

During the course of the week we talked about several aspects of psychic work, not just spirit communication in the usual way, but also spirit communication through electronic devices, which is a new and burgeoning field. It seems spirits will do anything, including inserting greetings in pauses during cell phone conversations, or as in my case, taking over voice recognition software, to get their message across from the great beyond.

This reminded me of an article I had written and submitted to Nuance, a company who owns Dragon NaturallySpeaking voice recognition software, which I use. This piece was written while I was still working with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10. Since then Dragon and I have graduated to version 12.5.

I think it was a very interesting experience and one worth sharing.