Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

Jen and BenIf there's one thing I've learned over many years of calculating numerology charts, it's that a relationship may look perfect, in a chart, but it doesn't necessarily mean that it will always work, or last forever.

Unfortunately, this seems to be true in the case of the Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner.

Looking at their compatibility charts, there is a great possibility for perfect union.

Ben Affleck was born August 15, 1972.

He is a 6 life path person, with the 6 major modifier. He is creative, romantic, and a family man.

Home and family are usually a first priority for these lovable 6 life path people. And creative expression, of course.

It does not seem as if family is the first priority in Ben's life at this time.

Jennifer Garner was born April 17, 1972. She is a 4 life path person, with a very strong 8 major modifier. This is a strong, practical, romantic, but also 'no-nonsense' life path.

Both Jen and Ben are at the beginning of a new nine-year cycle, this year (2015).

It seems obvious that Jennifer is really feeling the new beginning, and she has decided to start her new cycle on her own.

Such a shame her partner (Ben) does not realize that this year is a time to plant positive seeds for the future. In some cases, a divorce is a good thing. In this case, it seems like a missed opportunity to create a great family.