Recently I was working (on the phone) with a client who is in the process of opening a gift shop, specializing in her own art and spiritual objects such as crystals. As the reading progressed, my attention was continually drawn to a psychic image of a large pair of wings behind the woman. Was she an angel?

Finally, near the end of the reading, conversation turned to the configuration of the shop and I suggested that the woman think about placing wings prominently as part of the decor. The woman replied immediately that she had already decided to use one of her own paintings—a large pair of wings—as part of the decor.

I said, “But I mean, a very large pair of wings.”

The woman said, “The painting is huge; it will take over the whole back wall.”

Then I told the woman that I had been looking for a long time for earrings in the shape of a pair of wings. Years ago, I heard a song called “River of Birds,” which has a line in it about “women with wings.” I’ve wanted wing earrings, ever since. She replied that her shop had all manners of wing earrings.