If I Were Gordon Brown’s Numerologist

If British Prime Minister Gordon Brown had had a numerologist on his staff, he would probably have avoided the recent disastrous headline-making gaffe he made in referring to an elderly widow as a “bigoted woman,” which will certainly lessen—even more, if that were possible—his chances of winning the upcoming British election.

Now, if I had been Gordon Brown’s numerologist, I would have said at the beginning of the year, “Mr. Prime Minister, you’re in a 7/9 cycle year. Your chances of winning this election are slim to none. Part of the reason for this is because you’re at the end of the cycle and you’re reaping what you have sown, but since the election seems unavoidable, for goodness sake, when April comes around and you’re in what I call the ‘foot-in-mouth cycle month’(4/2), be careful to check for live microphones before you say anything you wouldn’t want the public to hear.”

To make things worse for poor Gordon, he was in a 3/5 cycle day on the day of his gaffe, which is the day of unexpected events.

Heads of state often keep numerologists or astrologers on staff, but they don’t always listen to them. JFK was warned repeatedly by the famous astrologer Jeane Dixon of the danger he faced going to Texas on his last, fatal trip. Nancy Reagan, on the other hand, employed an astrologer after Ronald Reagan was almost assassinated, and though she found herself in great difficulty with the press when it was made public, at least Reagan survived assassination attempts for the rest of his presidency. One of our own Canadian prime minister’s, Mackenzie King, consulted with spirits through a talented medium, not only the spirit of his mom, but also his dog, and he’s was successfully able steer Canada through troubled times.