Goddess Grandmother

Last week my friend Lindsay became a grandmother. And I became an honorary goddess grandmother.

Ainsley, Lindsay’s daughter, a true example of a 9 under a 22 life path, gave birth to Leila Kai, a 6 under a 9 life path. She is a perfect complement to Ainsley and her husband Isaac’s little family, which is comprised of Isaac, who is a 5 life path, his daughter Sonya, who is a 9, Ainsley, a 9, and now little Leila Kai, who is a 6.

I was honoured to have a small hand in advising on the name of the child, which is a perfect balance with her life path.

I met Ainsley for the first time when she was about eight. I will always remember the way she sized me up as she decided whether I was worthy of her attention or not. Ultimately, I passed inspection and became her goddess mother, one of six assistant mothers Ainsley chose in addition to her real mother. Ainsley’s life path of a 9 under 22 is a very large life path, so it’s not surprising that Ainsley, as young as she was, felt that her mother might need some assistance.

At Ainsley’s wedding the summer before last, which took place in Central Park in New York City, a picture was taken of all Ainsley’s assistant mothers. In the picture there is, of course, her mother mother; then there is her stepmother; the mother of one of her friends, who was a stay-at-home-and-cook mother; a mother who is an expert on fashion; a mother who is an expert on diamonds; and me, her goddess mother, aka, her witch mother.