The Spirit Who Wasn’t There

Last week, one of my long-standing clients came for her annual birthday reading. The woman is First Nations, and it was obvious from the moment she arrived that many of her people had decided to help her celebrate—spirit people, I mean.

Almost immediately, I became aware of one dominant spirit woman wearing a red-and-black blanket covered with buttons. I described the spirit, and though my client didn’t recognize the person in particular, she affirmed that her mother’s band wore that kind of ceremonial costume on special occasions.

Lots of symbols appeared throughout the reading. Some were so easy for me to see that they almost seemed cliché: a drum, moccasins, a faraway island off the west coast. All of these symbols had meaning for my client, and she was delighted. One spirit had lots of messages and made her presence strongly felt.

That spirit woman wearing the red-and-black blanket with buttons on it stood by my side throughout the reading. At the almost end of the reading, my little dog, Siriuss, came into the room, wagged his tail and attempted to jump up on the blanket woman.

Much to his surprise, his little body went right through the spirit and his front paws made contact with the wall. He looked extremely surprised and the blanket woman had a good laugh—as did the rest of the group of spirits who had gathered to help my client celebrate her birthday.