Kathy Griffin and The Fashion Police: The Power of the 9 Cycle

It isn't easy being a master number.

It is said those born with a master number life path have more difficult lives than the rest of us. However, as in the case of Kathy Griffin, who was born November 4, 1960, and who is a 22 life path under the influence of 4, there are also some perks.

One such perk is being able to speak your mind on neglected and important issues, and getting tons of applause and appreciation for stating what should be obvious.

Kathy Griffin has been in the news recently for her unexpected departure from the E! show Fashion Police. Griffin lasted only seven episodes, after replacing Joan Rivers, explaining about her departure that she did "not want to contribute to a culture of unattainable perfectionism."

Her departure was applauded by Kelly Osbourne, who had been a long-time member of the show, and who--following Griffin's departure--announced that she had also, already quit the show.

The Power of the '9 Cycle' in Numerology

What we know from numerology is that anything begun in a 9 cycle tends not to last.

Kathy Griffin is in a 5/9 cycle year, and is at the end of the cycle. 

Kelly Osbourne, who was born October 27, 1984, and who is a 5 Life Path person under the influence of 9, is also in a 9 cycle year, at the end of this cycle.

The departure of these two celebrities may put an end to the Fashion Police. The show is currently on hiatus.

In my opinion this would be a good thing.