Patricia Arquette - A New and Promising Numerological Chapter

patricia_arquettePatricia Arquette has, of course, been in the news recently for her Best Actress win at this year's Academy Awards, but has also been praised for speaking out on equality for women in the workplace and world, as she accepted her Oscar.

For me, it was both delightful and gratifying to see women like Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lopez also express their support, especially the usually-dignified Meryl, who whooped and hollered from the front row at Patricia's remarks.

Patricia Arquette's Numerological Cycle: The 9 Life Path

Patricia Arquette was born April 8, 1968. In numerology, this makes her a 9 Life Path person, under the influence of 8.

This year, Patricia is at the beginning of a new 9 year cycle. The cycle is officially 2/1: meaning that it's the second year of a nine-year cycle on the material plane, but the first year of a new chapter of her life on the emotional and spiritual plane.

As a 9 Life Path person, it is natural for her to feel deeply about social issues, as most 9s are known to have an awareness and compassion for suffering or inequality. Personally, I love the fact that Patricia was willing to stand up like an old-time feminist (not that she's old!), knowing that it would create lots of controversy. Her passion and beauty reminds me of Gloria Steinem, who is one the most famous feminists of the '60s and '70s, and is also a passionate 9 Life Path.

9s and other 9 Life Paths tend to like and admire each other. I believe we all have a natural affinity for people who are the same life path as we are; it's sort of like being kin. Even though people may know nothing about the art and discipline of numerology, they do, in my experience, still seem to respond to others of the same vibration.

Patricia Arquette was particularly suitable for her role as the medium in the series The Medium. As someone in the "industry" I thought she did an amazing job of portraying a woman with a psychic gift, as well as a family and an ordinary life.

In spite of drama and misrepresentation of what it's like to live a psychic life added by the television script, she still managed to make her character believable, and likable, and interesting.


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