Mediumship with Paul Jacobs and Mavis Patilla


I have just arrived in London after 5 days in Hanover, Germany, studying mediumship with Paul Jacobs and Mavis Patilla.
It was a great, if somewhat daunting, , experience.
Each teacher has their own way of approaching mediumship, and it is very much reflected in their teaching styles.
Paul is straightforward and blunt. You have to be brave to approach him as a student. His own standard of mediumship is extremely high, and for that reason he expects only the highest quality communication from his students, and is not uncomfortable in pointing out inaccurate or fluffy messages.

Mavis, on the other hand, is equally brilliant as a medium, and as a teacher, but her approach to her students is much softer than Paul's. She seems to be able to look deeply into the soul of the student, and find a way to communicate with each person to bring out the best of their talent.

The work was extremely hard, but one compensation, especially for someone like me with gluten intolerance problems, was the food. Lunch was provided every day at 1 o'clock. The food was exquisite.

More on the course, as I begin to unwind, here in London.