Hillary Clinton: The Numerology of a Possible Future U.S. President

Hilary ClintonHillary Clinton has finally declared her intention to run in the 2016 presidential election. The news in itself is no great surprise, but her method of declaring was unusual. 

After reading, online, that she had finally ended the suspense and decided to publicly declare, I clicked on the link and began to watch what I thought was a very long ad for an insurance or real estate company. The ad in question concerned people making a new start in life, and after what seemed like forever, at least to me, Hillary declared that she is declaring.

To me, it seemed a strange and interesting decision to make this kind of announcement on social media and in a way that was confusing to me--as I am sure it was to others. 

Based on her numerological chart, though, it is perhaps not so surprising. Although it seems like we have seen every aspect of Hillary Clinton, as world watchers, over the years, looking at her chart, we probably haven't seen anything yet.


Born October 26, 1947, Hillary is a 3 Life Path person with a major 8 influence. Her 3 Life Path means that she's a real survivor. It also means she is endlessly creative. She's a great communicator, a talented storyteller, and, of course, has endless resources behind her campaign.

Hillary Clinton is now in the third phase of her life path, which goes into effect after age 54. This means that she is literally a 3, under the influence of 3. Intriguingly, 3 is the most creative, the most surviving, the most fortunate, and sometimes, the most scattered and moody of all of the energy vibrations.

One might also say that with this numerological combination, Hillary has a talent for ruthlessness: perhaps very helpful for a politician. We've had glimpses of it in the last couple of years.


This year, Hillary Clinton is in a powerful 8 cycle year on the material, outer world. The inner world cycle is 7, which is sensitive, introspective and analytical.

A powerful cycle year for Hillary Clinton.


Next year, the election year, is perhaps not quite as fortunate. In 2016 Hillary Clinton will be in a 9 cycle year in the outer world, where election results really count.

Fortunately, for her, her inner cycle will be 8, so she will still have access to a great deal of inner strength and power.

However, from a numerological point of view, the fact that she will be in a 9 cycle year next year does not bode well for her long-term chances; not so much her chances of being elected, but the chance of her being strong enough, emotionally, to take the pressure of the cycle year.

The Clinton family is always newsworthy, and Hillary Clinton as the first female president is an interesting vision to ponder.

Her cycles predict an interesting future over the next two years.