Improve Your Relationship—Without Therapy

Couples readings can provide both partners with insight about the other--as well as themselvesI'm always surprised when people ask, sometimes rather tentatively, if I'm willing to do a couples reading. My answer is always a resounding YES!!

I really like reading for two people at the same time--especially when those people are in a relationship which is established; if they are contemplating a relationship which they hope to establish; or, even in some cases, if they are having issues which may threaten to cause the relationship to disintegrate. The reason is simple: in these situations, I know that I can offer insight and help. 

And to me, the primary benefit of a couples reading is that both people are present to hear what I have to say about each other's charts. The simple act of being present can contribute enormously to an understanding of the partner--as well as to self-knowledge.

'Nodding Heads': How Couples Readings Came About

I came up with the idea of doing couples readings years ago when I noticed that a partner would often come and sit in on a reading for a loved one--or ask to do so.

Sometimes when the client was from another culture, "the witness" was there for the purposes of translation. And what I noticed, during the process of doing these readings. was that the witness was also often a great asset in helping to validate what came up in the chart and Tarot reading.

In other words it was very valuable to complete the personality and cycle part of a reading in front of someone who was, in a way, less involved than the client.

It started with nodding heads. Often I would say something to the client, and notice, while they were thinking it over, the witness, the other person in the room, would be nodding like mad to convey that what I was saying was accurate.

The Importance of Having a Witness

Sometimes, you see, having a witness in the room who knows the person can pick up on attributes and talents I mention that the person having the reading can't, or doesn't, see in themselves. As just one example, it is sometimes difficult to point out strengths to someone who, for some reason, is not able to acknowledge that they are strong.

It is sometimes the same with less than positive attributes. And putting both strengths and challenges all on the table, so to speak, can be very useful in helping people to understand each other.

In nearly every reading, I spend a good amount of time exploring the numerological chart, which includes the Life Path. And I believe that it's of great benefit to have someone explain your Life Path--as well as to hear an explanation of the Life Path of the person you love. Similarly, a reading can explore what to expect from certain Life Path people, whether those people are partners, familiy members, or children.

Over and over again people thank me for pointing out why someone is the way they are, and that's a wonderful part of what I do.