Brian Williams: In Numerology a Year of Creativity and Endings

Anchors Away
At least one American news anchor will be away from his seat for a while, by his own choice, and through his own actions. That would be Brian Williams, the anchor and managing editor for NBC Nightly News, who has recently been called out for his 'exaggerations' surrounding stories he covered in Iraq and New Orleans. Williams recently apologized for 'misremembering' events.
Brian Williams was born on May 5, 1959. He is a 7 Life Path person, under the influence of 5.
I think that this 7 Life Path person is the one who walks between the worlds (in most cases I refer to walking between the worlds of material things and intuition/psychic ability). In general, 7 can occasionally have difficulty differentiating

between the world of material things and imagination.

Most 7 Life Path people are imaginative and also brilliant. And both adjectives seem to apply to Brian Williams.
When there is a 5 in the chart, as there is in the case of Brian Williams, is not surprising that exaggeration may be a part the personality. 
5 is a very creative energy, and so is 7. Exaggeration is a form of creativity. It would be tempting to always tell the straight truth with this kind of Life Path. But a little embellishment does make a story more interesting.
Brian Williams' Cycle Year
Interestingly, this year Brian Williams is in a 9/5 cycle year, and is at the end of a nine year cycle--and therefore the end of a chapter of life. 
If Brian Williams decides to return, he will be a very heavy anchor to lift out of his seat, since his contract has just been renewed for another five years.
It will be very interesting to see how the network deals with this problem of one of the most trusted voices in American news caught inflating stories about his experience in combat situations.
The Last Year of a Cycle: Words and Deeds Will Come Back to Haunt You
I am always telling my clients that whatever is unresolved in life will come back to haunt them at the end of a nine-year cycle. 
This isn’t always a happy thought! I should add, though, that all of the good things that you've done in that cycle returns at the end of a nine-year cycle, as well. 
However, if you have been tempted to make yourself more important, or braver, or more adventurous, then you actually are, you are most likely to be found out.
This is especially true in an era of social media, when everyone—not just news broadcasters—has the opportunity to amplify their voice. And indeed, these factors seem to have contributed to his exposure. It is known that Brian Williams has been resistant to technological developments; now perhaps his resistance will cost him.
Endings and Unexpected Events
Brian Williams is not only in an ending cycle (the 9) but emotionally, he is in a 5 cycle: the energy of unexpected events.
Combined with the 9 energy, which is about endings, this is certainly a volatile mix. 
So will he return?

There is much speculation in the news about whether the "most trusted voice" will return to his seat on the nightly news, especially in view of his new contract.
In the court of public opinion, he may be able to. The public is generally very forgiving of people who ‘fess up to their sins.
And as Whoopi Goldberg said last week on the View: "who among us has not told a few lies."  
But in view of Brian Williams’ cycle, I would be very surprised if he comes back, and if he does I would be very surprised if he stays.