Numerological Twins

About 25 years ago a friend introduced me to a man who was born on my exact birthdate, but nine years later.

Since cycles, in numerology, last nine years, this means that we are numerological twins: he has exactly the same life path, and exactly the same cycle year, month, and day as I do, every day of our lives.

And indeed, we have discovered that while we travel our different paths in life, we tend to have the same ups and downs and ins and outs, relative to our lifestyles, work, relationships and philosophy.

That said, we are on the surface quite different people. He is a hunter, a fisherman, and a guy-guy to the very core of his being.

I tend towards vegetarianism, eat only health food, am interested in philosophy and psychology, practice Buddhism, and am a confirmed feminist. Not to mention a psychic numerologist.

My numerological twin has been known to call me on a particularly difficult day, and ask if I'm all right, if I'm surviving.

He does this is because he knows that though we are very different people, living in different cities, with different lifestyles, our cycles are always the same. And he knows that if he has faced challenges, I will have as well.

When he has a good day, I am always having a good day. He's been known to call and simply say: "Wasn't that great?" There’s no explanation, but of course I know exactly what he is talking about.

When he's having a challenging or even horrible cycle year, I am as well.

We have stayed in touch now for 25 years, and even though we only speak or meet occasionally, we are both always conscious of the fact that we are travelling through life in parallel.

If ever I needed assurance that numerology and cycles work, this 25-year experiment, is proof enough.

I often tell clients who share cycles with family members or people close to them, that they are more likely to understand what the other person is experiencing, because they are sharing the same number vibration in their cycles.

Sharing a cycle, on either the inner or material plane, I think, may mean that we have karma to work out together.

And you may do this at a distance, like my numerological twin and I, or perhaps you have closer access if your twin is one of your children, a parent, or even a partner. Either way, when cycles are shared, there is an inexplicable understanding between those sharing the cycle, whether we want to see it or not.


Do you have a numerological twin?

Or do you share a cycle with a family member or partner? I’d love to hear about it!