A Numerological Take on Vancouver's Mayoral Race: Gregor Robertson & Kirk LaPointe

Vancouver's New (Again) Mayor, Gregor Robertson: a 2 Life PathIt wasn't surprising, numerologically speaking, that the race for the Vancouver mayor's chair was a bit of a cliffhanger, at least in the last weeks. Both frontrunning candidates, Gregor Robertson (who won the chair) and Kirk LaPointe, were in very difficult cycles.

Gregor Robertson was born September 18, 1964. This makes him a 2 Life Path person under the influence of 9: a diplomat and a practical dreamer with a strong humanitarian side, a vision for the future and tons of charisma.

2014 is a 4/4 cycle year for him – the hardest year in nine years. The fact that he won the election in this cycle, under this kind of testing, bodes well for what he can accomplish in the future.

He and Kirk Lapointe both have many surprises waiting for them in the next Cycle Year, however. They both have a 5 influence awaiting them in 2015, which is bound to make life very, very, interesting.

Kirk Lapointe, born December 12, 1957 is a different kind of person. His Life Path number is 1, and his Influence Number is 3. He's a natural leader, cool and pragmatic, and he knows how to get things done, whatever the cost. He may perhaps be not quite as talented on the follow-through, but he's a brilliant starter.

This year has been a test cycle year for him as well: a 4/7. This is both a Test Cycle and also a time of identity crisis, commonly prompting questions such as: who am I? Where am I going? And what do I want in my life from this time forward? 

Fortunately for Kirk Lapointe, his new Cycle Year coming up in 2015 is a 5/8. This means that he's in for some surprises, but his financial future looks bright, and, he will be rewarded for work he has done in the past.

All 5 cycle years bring twists and turns of fate on both the dark and the bright side. It is, however, definitely not a year to take up bungee jumping or NASCAR.