Is Donald Trump secretly a Democrat?

Photo Credit: Gage SkidmoreDonald Trump was born June 14, 1946. He is a 4 life path person, under the influence of 5.

Every life path has the opportunity to manifest on the positive side, or the negative side. As humans, of course, we all cross back and forth, living our positive qualities, making a contribution from our deepest selves, and sometimes straying into the darkness of negativity and shadow. It's all part of the human journey.

It's clear that Donald Trump is living on the dark side of his nature at this time. Unfortunately, his descent into bigotry—and some would say stupidity—comes for him in a 1/6 cycle year.

The 1 tells us Trump is beginning a whole new cycle of his life.

It's important to plant positive seeds at the beginning of a new cycle,

because the 1 year is the foundation for the following eight years of the cycle. Trump seems to have planted a Venus flytrap for himself, and the plant seems to be closing up and consuming him.

The other part of Trump’s cycle—the inner or emotional cycle—is 6.

6 is all about relationships with people. For those living more ordinary lives than the big Donald, when the 6 cycle comes along, it is always time to deal with our relationships. In Donald's case, he seems to have taken on a relationship with the whole country. To his detriment.

Is Donald Trump really secretly a Democrat?

Is it possible that he is claiming to be a member of the Republican Party to point out the inhumanity of some of the policies of the Right-wing?

Not many people take Trump too seriously, but if he were really a serious contender for the Republican nomination, he could not have done better service for the US Democratic Party than his ridiculous ranting on immigration and so many other subjects since he declared his intention to run for president.

Not all 4 life path people are like Donald Trump. Thank heavens! Oprah is a 4. So is Bono, and Bill Gates.

I could go on, naming 4 life path people who are using their wealth and influence to make a contribution to the world.

We all have all kinds of potential within our life paths. We all have the choice of growing and contributing, or living on the negative side, like Donald Trump.

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore.