Test Cycle Indeed: Jian Ghomeshi and Numerology

Recently I wrote about showbiz icon Taylor Swift, a 7 Life Path person who seems–for the present at least–to be all light. (Of course we, as humans, are all faceted and there must be some darkness in there somewhere, in all of us. But it's certainly not visible in Taylor Swift.)

Jian Ghomeshi, on the other hand, a 2 who has shown nothing but light to the listeners of his famous CBC radio show, Q—is now showing his long and very dark shadow.

The nine women who have come forward to talk about their experiences with the

dark side of Jian have not only shed light on this shadow, but forced a spotlight on an issue which has been in the shadow, even at the highest levels of government, for a long time.

Sexual harassment is in the spotlight now, and a national conversation about its impact is very much in the light in our country. 

Jian Ghomeshi, in a strange way—and entirely unintentionally—may have done a good deed for the women of this country, and especially for women who have remained in the shadow of shame and fear of not being believed, or of losing their positions as a result of speaking out.

Political leaders are also stepping up and bringing their party shadows out into the light. Perhaps they have done so out of fear that someone else will bring a flashlight to the party before they have the opportunity to focus light on the problem themselves, but it is still being done.

Yes, the facet of Jian Ghomeshi that we are collectively seeing now appears to be all shadow: primitive and unconscious and dangerously inflated. 

The Test Cycle Year: 4/4

Perhaps in this, his Test Cycle year (4/4), we are also seeing how sad it is when someone begins to lose the knowledge that we are all human and vulnerable to karma.

When a person is in this kind of a state of inflation, they tend to feel invulnerable and so big that they cannot be brought down.

Karma, however, is always waiting in the background—especially when someone is in the dreaded 4 Cycle Year, which is what Jian is inhabiting this year.

Lady Karma with her Karmic cycles waits in the background with a long sharp needle in her pocket, just waiting to prick that seemingly invulnerable bubble of inflation. She has done so--and not only with Jian. As this very dark and shadowy story has begun a national conversation about sexual harassment, it has also pricked the interest of leaders of political parties, pushing them into action. 

Always amazed by the accuracy of numerological cycles, I can't help noting that Jian is in a 4 Cycle Year, a test cycle, as noted, and that he is also now on the threshold of a 5 cycle, the energy of which is about chaos, change and unexpected events.

Jian was born June 9, 1967. He is a 2 Life Path person with a 9 modifier.

2 is known for its charm, communication and diplomatic skills. There is another side, of course, as there is to every number energy. And now both aspects, including the moody dark and controlling side, have emerged within the charming, talented and brilliant interviewer who was beloved by so many. 

Jian's 2 Life Path is modified by 9, which is known for its charisma and creativity. Both sides of this man's personality are apparent in the stories being told by the nine women who have come forward (so far).

The 4/4 cycle means that Jian is being tested on what he has built in the past. The next cycle year, a 5/5, will be full of change and new experiences. Unemployment perhaps? 

Let's hope that Jian's experiences bring him to a place where his positive side will emerge—after he has learned the critical lesson of respecting women, a lesson much lacking in his life up to this point.