Everyone Loves Taylor Swift: Numerology Explains Why

Republicans and Democrats have found something they agree on: Taylor Swift.

A recent post by Winter Mason of Facebook reported that Taylor Swift falls “smack-dab in the middle” of a graph indicating which musicians/bands are liked by Democrats and Republicans. The results show that Ms. Swift is liked equally often by both parties. 

Only a 7 Life Path person could pull that off.

What’s in a 7 Life Path

7 Life Path people are so interesting. We numerologists say they express themselves best through a medium, rather than through direct communication. There is no doubt Taylor Swift's medium is music and writing, and especially songwriting.

For Taylor, this year is the culmination of a nine-year cycle, which began in 2005. And she’s really showing how hard work and discipline and passion can create success in a ridiculously big way.

7 Life Path people are usually only successful when they really like what they're doing.

And there is no doubt Taylor is doing what she likes, from writing to playing music to wearing gorgeous costumes. 

A love for costumes and clothing is another aspect of the 7 Life Path: even their everyday clothes are costumes. This is clear to me as I watch Taylor act as a professional coach on The Voice, looking beautifully ladylike as she works. 

One of the things I really like about Taylor Swift is that her clothes always seem to reflect her real self, as well as her mood. This is again in keeping with her charts: 7 Life Path people nearly always wear what reflects how they feel. It's another way to express the self through a medium. For Taylor, clothing—just like music—represents a medium for her artistic expression.

There is so much to say about the 7. For me, they are among the most interesting of all of the life paths. 7's are almost always talented artistically. They are always strategic and analytical thinkers, and they are mysterious.

The Cycles: This Year and the Year Ahead for Taylor

Taylor Swift is certainly a numbers girl. Her new album, entitled 1989, is of course a numerical title and also the number of the year of her birth. 

Numerologically speaking, Taylor, who was born on December 13, 1989, is a 7 Life Path person in a 5/9 year. Her career began to take off 5 years ago, when she began a new nine-year cycle. I can hardly wait to see what she will create an accomplish beginning next year.

For Taylor, 2015 will mark the beginning of a new chapter of life emotionally. It will be a 6/1 cycle year for her: a seeding time in a cycle that will not complete until 2023. 

It’s also worthwhile noting that 6 is the number of home, real estate, artistic success, and perhaps even commitment. There will be much material for new songs and creativity in the year to come.

As Taylor begins the next chapter of her life in 2015, she will be busily planting seeds for the future in her career, but she will also focus on relationships and homes.

Since Taylor draws much of her successful material from her own emotional experience, I think we can look forward to seeing great new songs as a result of her relationships.