Sleeping Beauties

Looking back over the last month, I noticed an inordinate number of clients who were what I call “Sleeping Beauties.” What are Sleeping Beauties? Sleeping Beauties can be male or female—but, usually female. They are people who are waiting for a prince to arrive and kiss them into their lives. The passivity of this position—no pun intended—leaves me feeling puzzled.


Test Cycles

I am in a test cycle month this month—a 4/2 cycle month. I woke up on the first day of April in the centre of a test cyclone.

When I’m not in a test cycle myself, it’s easy to talk about test cycles and how to negotiate them because it’s all theoretical, but in the midst of it all, I am really getting an understanding of how much of a test the cycle can be.

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More Synchronicity

I’ve been thinking a lot about synchronicity lately. Though I haven’t seen it myself yet, Jung’s Red Book has been published. Jung coined the word synchronicity after he had been asked to write an introduction to the English translation of the I Ching. Jung was very aware of crossing the boundaries between the worlds.


How to React to Synchronicity

Synchronicities seems to occur in groups. It seems the more you notice synchronicities and validate them, the more you are likely to experience them. Often I realize I’m in the middle of what I call a “synchronistic roll.” This sometimes happens at the same time that it’s happening to other people close to me.

When I notice myself in the middle of the synchronistic roll, I feel as if I’m being told that I’m on the right track, and in harmony with the universe.

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The Cornucopia of Abundance

This morning, I woke up thinking about abundance.  Vancouver seems to be abundant in blossom, visitors and even medals right now. We also seem to be extremely abundant in red clothing.

So today, while thinking about abundance, how we achieve it, if we notice it when it’s all around us, why some people—no matter how abundant their lives are—live in “not abundance,” I was distracted by my little dog, Siriuss, staring fixedly out the window for so long that I just had to see what he was watching.

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Goddess Grandmother

Last week my friend Lindsay became a grandmother. And I became an honorary goddess grandmother.

Ainsley, Lindsay’s daughter, a true example of a 9 under a 22 life path, gave birth to Leila Kai, a 6 under a 9 life path. She is a perfect complement to Ainsley and her husband Isaac’s little family, which is comprised of Isaac, who is a 5 life path, his daughter Sonya, who is a 9, Ainsley, a 9, and now little Leila Kai, who is a 6.

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I only own one quilt. It was given to me by a mad Mormon missionary who was also a scientist and the author of 26 books. In a strange circumstance, he asked for a reading and I used his birthday to determine his lifepath and current cycle. He was so pleased with what came out of it that he called his father, who was an Elder in Salt Lake City, and they decided, between them, that because the reading was so accurate I must be in touch with a higher power and not the devil, even though I was dabbling in what some people

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Horses of Hong Kong

I worked with one of my favourite clients yesterday, who’s presently in Hong Kong dealing with the death of his father. At one point in the reading, he asked if there was any way he could know whether his father was all right or not.

I went into mediumship mode and began to get impressions. The first impression was of horses and riders. I asked if his father had any particular attachment to horses.

He said no.

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I Want to Sing in a Cowboy Church

Last week I worked in Alberta. While I was in Edmonton, I did a reading for a woman who said “I want to sing in a cowboy church.”

The woman was a 9 under a 22 life path, the same life path as my goddess daughter, Ainsley.

It had never occurred to me that there was such a thing on the planet as a cowboy church. Apparently there is, somewhere near Camrose, Alberta.

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  The reading had been going well. My client, a woman in her early 50s, seemed pleased with all that had come up so far. I asked if there was anything I had missed. She paused for a moment, reached for a tissue and captured a tear that had escaped from her right eye and said, “I wasn’t going to ask you this, but since we’ve done so well up to this point I wonder if you could help me with this one last thing.”

“Of course,” I said, “anything.”

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