At the Northern Voice 2010 conference on blogging and social media, I was struck by the difference ego makes in the way that people make presentations and, at least from my perspective, the affect an ego discordance can have on the audience. I was fascinated to watch how the different presenters put their ideas forth, particularly the presenters who worked on panels.

Gypsy witches and fortune-tellers in Romania recently received a blow to their earning power when the government passed a law forbidding the advertising of magic and fortune-telling services, including such traditional scams as curse removal, luck changing and the return of lost loves, as well as physical healing from serious illness such as cancer. There has been a long tradition of gypsy witches

Last week my friend Lindsay became a grandmother. And I became an honorary goddess grandmother.

Ainsley, Lindsay’s daughter, a true example of a 9 under a 22 life path, gave birth to Leila Kai, a 6 under a 9 life path. She is a perfect complement to Ainsley and her husband Isaac’s little family, which is comprised of Isaac, who is a 5 life path, his daughter Sonya, who is a 9, Ainsley, a 9, and now little Leila Kai, who is a 6.

At the Oscars this year, there was a theme of 9s and a nice touch of spirituality.

There were movies called 9, and District 9. The best picture and best director awards were won by a woman, Kathryn Bigelow, who is a 9 life path number with a 9 major influence. Granted, she is in a 5/5 cycle year, which is known as the year of unexpected events. And that 9 woman, Kathryn Bigelow, beat out her ex-husband, James Cameron, who happens to be in a 9 cycle year.

This morning, I woke up thinking about abundance.  Vancouver seems to be abundant in blossom, visitors and even medals right now. We also seem to be extremely abundant in red clothing.

So today, while thinking about abundance, how we achieve it, if we notice it when it’s all around us, why some people—no matter how abundant their lives are—live in “not abundance,” I was distracted by my little dog, Siriuss, staring fixedly out the window for so long that I just had to see what he was watching.

If British Prime Minister Gordon Brown had had a numerologist on his staff, he would probably have avoided the recent disastrous headline-making gaffe he made in referring to an elderly widow as a “bigoted woman,” which will certainly lessen—even more, if that were possible—his chances of winning the upcoming British election.

Bella Lapointe, a Rottweiler, was, in her 12 years on earth, the most gracious of all big dogs. Her gleaming coat and soulful eyes were evidence of the aptness of her name. In physical shape and personality, Bella was truly a beauty.

I have always found the practice of saying only nice things about the departed a little uncomfortable and out of integrity. I was at a friend’s funeral once and when all the tributes were over our mutual friend Lindsay turned to me and asked, “Who were they talking about?” I agreed with the sentiment.