I only own one quilt. It was given to me by a mad Mormon missionary who was also a scientist and the author of 26 books. In a strange circumstance, he asked for a reading and I used his birthday to determine his lifepath and current cycle. He was so pleased with what came out of it that he called his father, who was an Elder in Salt Lake City, and they decided, between them, that because the reading was so accurate I must be in touch with a higher power and not the devil, even though I was dabbling in what some people

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Tarot and Synchronicity

Recently I was asked to do a house cleansing/blessing. I don’t work in other people’s houses often, but the reason for the house blessing/cleansing was that the owners were expecting twins and had decided they wanted to cleanse the energy of the house before they brought the two new family members home. I agreed to do the blessing, gathered my implements into what I call my “witch’s bag” and set out to the house.


Horses of Hong Kong

I worked with one of my favourite clients yesterday, who’s presently in Hong Kong dealing with the death of his father. At one point in the reading, he asked if there was any way he could know whether his father was all right or not.

I went into mediumship mode and began to get impressions. The first impression was of horses and riders. I asked if his father had any particular attachment to horses.

He said no.

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Useful Loneliness

Yesterday I had a conversation with a woman about loneliness. I happened to mention that loneliness has its own kind of usefulness and that loneliness is often a door to creativity. I’m not sure the woman was impressed.

This morning, while in another conversation with a friend, I heard myself say, “All the best poetry and love songs come from loneliness.”

Ride the horse of loneliness to the corral of creativity.

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I Want to Sing in a Cowboy Church

Last week I worked in Alberta. While I was in Edmonton, I did a reading for a woman who said “I want to sing in a cowboy church.”

The woman was a 9 under a 22 life path, the same life path as my goddess daughter, Ainsley.

It had never occurred to me that there was such a thing on the planet as a cowboy church. Apparently there is, somewhere near Camrose, Alberta.

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Recently I was working (on the phone) with a client who is in the process of opening a gift shop, specializing in her own art and spiritual objects such as crystals. As the reading progressed, my attention was continually drawn to a psychic image of a large pair of wings behind the woman. Was she an angel?

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Phone Consultations

I like the challenge of phone readings. Though many people feel that they prefer the one-on-one contact of an in-person reading, in many ways readings done over the phone are easier and more convenient for the client, more challenging for the psychic, and often much more evidential.

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Fortune-Telling Fraudsters

Gypsy witches and fortune-tellers in Romania recently received a blow to their earning power when the government passed a law forbidding the advertising of magic and fortune-telling services, including such traditional scams as curse removal, luck changing and the return of lost loves, as well as physical healing from serious illness such as cancer. There has been a long tradition of gypsy witches in Eastern Europe, and since the fall of Communism, so-called gypsy

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The Spirit Who Wasn’t There

Last week, one of my long-standing clients came for her annual birthday reading. The woman is First Nations, and it was obvious from the moment she arrived that many of her people had decided to help her celebrate—spirit people, I mean.

Almost immediately, I became aware of one dominant spirit woman wearing a red-and-black blanket covered with buttons. I described the spirit, and though my client didn’t recognize the person in particular, she affirmed that her mother’s band wore that kind of ceremonial costume on special occasions.

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  The reading had been going well. My client, a woman in her early 50s, seemed pleased with all that had come up so far. I asked if there was anything I had missed. She paused for a moment, reached for a tissue and captured a tear that had escaped from her right eye and said, “I wasn’t going to ask you this, but since we’ve done so well up to this point I wonder if you could help me with this one last thing.”

“Of course,” I said, “anything.”

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