The Numerology of a True Gentleman: Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch does seem to be everywhere, doesn’t he? 
He was born July 19, 1976, and is a 4 Life Path person under the influence of 1.
This year Benedict Cumberbatch has a very good chance at winning the coveted Best Actor award at the Academy Awards. I, for one, hope he does.
The Numbers of Success--and Re-Evaluation
"Bennie," as he is known to his intimates, is in a 7/8 Cycle Year. 8 is the number of success--both of the monetary and emotional variety. It is a very karmic number, meaning that it is the number of harvest, so when a person is in a 8 cycle,
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Michael Keaton: A Year of Rewards and Challenges

Michael Keaton is quite likely on tenterhooks right now.

He has been nominated for an Academy award this year, for his performance in the movie Birdman.

The reason I think he may be perhaps a little more nervous than other nominees is that he is in one of the most difficult years in his cycle pattern.

Michael Keaton was born September 5, 1951. This makes him a 3 Life Path under the influence of 5.

This year Michael is in a 4/9 Cycle Year. While there is always great reward and completions in the 4/9 Cycle

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Brian Williams: In Numerology a Year of Creativity and Endings

Anchors Away
At least one American news anchor will be away from his seat for a while, by his own choice, and through his own actions. That would be Brian Williams, the anchor and managing editor for NBC Nightly News, who has recently been called out for his 'exaggerations' surrounding stories he covered in Iraq and New Orleans. Williams recently apologized for 'misremembering' events.
Brian Williams was born on May 5, 1959. He is a 7 Life Path person, under the influence of 5.
I think that this 7 Life Path person is the one who walks between the worlds (in most cases I refer to walking between the worlds of material things and intuition/psychic ability). In general, 7 can occasionally have difficulty differentiating
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Katy Perry: The Numbers Didn't Help That Performance at Super Bowl 2015

Katy Perry is a 3 life path person under the influence of 7. This life path is extremely creative, and unusually talented.
I'm sure many would agree this is usually true of celebrity pop singer Katy Perry ... with the exception of her performance in the halftime show of Super Bowl 2015.
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What’s in Store for the Vancouver Canucks in 2015: Numerology Analyzed

Trevor Linden is back where he belongs: with the Vancouver Canucks.

Things should start to look up for the Vancouver Canucks hockey team in this new Cycle Year.

They find themselves in the hands of a true lover of Vancouver and the Canucks: Trevor Linden.

The Year Ahead for Trevor Linden

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What’s in store for Master Number Richard Branson in 2015?

Richard Branson (born July 18, 1950) is a 22 Life Path. The major modifier on his Life Path is 9.

The Perfect 22
Richard Branson is, for me, a perfect example of a 22 Life Path: he’s a master builder, super entrepreneur, and a humanitarian on a global scale.

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A Master Number Family: Robert and Susan Downey Welcome Avri, a '22'

Susan and Robert Downey have welcomed another Master Number person into their family.

Avri Roel Downey is a Master Number 22 Life Path child (born November 4, 2014). Robert Downey, Jr. is also a Master Number: his Life Path is 11 (born April 4, 1965). And Susan Downey is a 1 Life Path person (born November 6, 1973).

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Tiger Woods: A Lack of Good Judgment?

People with a 1 Life Path are known for many things: bravery, leadership and breaking new ground in many fields, including business and sports. They’re even known in some cases for humanitarianism and acting. (Of course I am referring to one of the Western world’s most famous 1 Life Path people, George Clooney, who excels in being gorgeous as well as possessing other good 1 Life Path qualities.)

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A Numerological Take on Vancouver's Mayoral Race: Gregor Robertson & Kirk LaPointe

Vancouver's New (Again) Mayor, Gregor Robertson: a 2 Life PathIt wasn't surprising, numerologically speaking, that the race for the Vancouver mayor's chair was a bit of a cliffhanger, at least in the last weeks. Both frontrunning candidates, Gregor Robertson (who won the chair) and Kirk LaPointe, were in very difficult cycles.

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The Test Cycle Year Strikes: Piers Morgan

Not everyone missed Piers Morgan when he left CNN, but I did.

Perhaps he was the wrong voice in the wrong place, but his straightforward English style of interviewing, and especially his passion for gun control, would have caused me to be a fan even if I hadn't liked his personality and interview style, but I did.

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