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Improve Your Relationship—Without Therapy

Couples readings can provide both partners with insight about the other--as well as themselvesI'm always surprised when people ask, sometimes rather tentatively, if I'm willing to do a couples reading. My answer is always a resounding YES!!

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Kathy Griffin and The Fashion Police: The Power of the 9 Cycle

It isn't easy being a master number.

It is said those born with a master number life path have more difficult lives than the rest of us. However, as in the case of Kathy Griffin, who was born November 4, 1960, and who is a 22 life path under the influence of 4, there are also some perks.

One such perk is being able to speak your mind on neglected and important issues, and getting tons of applause and appreciation for stating what should be obvious.

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Patricia Arquette - A New and Promising Numerological Chapter

patricia_arquettePatricia Arquette has, of course, been in the news recently for her Best Actress win at this year's Academy Awards, but has also been praised for speaking out on equality for women in the workplace and world, as she accepted her Oscar.

For me, it was both delightful and gratifying to see women like Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lopez also express their support, especially the usually-dignified Meryl, who whooped and hollered from the front row at Patricia's remarks.

Patricia Arquette's Numerological Cycle: The 9 Life Path

Patricia Arquette was born April 8, 1968. In numerology, this makes her a 9 Life Path person, under the influence of 8.

This year, Patricia is at the beginning of a new 9 year cycle. The cycle is officially 2/1: meaning that it's the second year of a nine-year cycle on the material plane, but the first year of a new chapter of her life on the emotional and spiritual plane.

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Ellar Coltrane of Boyhood: A Powerful Life Path

If you have seen the movie Boyhood, it will be obvious that Ellar Coltrane (shown left, with Boyhood director Richard Linklater), the movie’s focal point, is not a usual child.

Although Ellar has been presented as ‘just a normal boy growing up in Texas’, it seemed to me while watching the film—and observing how he handles its success—that he is not that usual at all.

He did not, for example, opt out of the process of creating the movie when he became a teenager.

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Julianne Moore: Perfect Artistic Expression in the Numbers

I wrote recently about the talented (and seemingly ubiquitous) Benedict Cumberbatch, and realizing that Mr. Cumberbatch and fellow Oscar nominee Julianne Moore have more in common than you might think.

Julianne was born December 3, 1960. This makes her a 4 Life Path person under the influence of 3.

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The Numerology of a True Gentleman: Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch does seem to be everywhere, doesn’t he? 
He was born July 19, 1976, and is a 4 Life Path person under the influence of 1.
This year Benedict Cumberbatch has a very good chance at winning the coveted Best Actor award at the Academy Awards. I, for one, hope he does.
The Numbers of Success--and Re-Evaluation
"Bennie," as he is known to his intimates, is in a 7/8 Cycle Year. 8 is the number of success--both of the monetary and emotional variety. It is a very karmic number, meaning that it is the number of harvest, so when a person is in a 8 cycle,
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Michael Keaton: A Year of Rewards and Challenges

Michael Keaton is quite likely on tenterhooks right now.

He has been nominated for an Academy award this year, for his performance in the movie Birdman.

The reason I think he may be perhaps a little more nervous than other nominees is that he is in one of the most difficult years in his cycle pattern.

Michael Keaton was born September 5, 1951. This makes him a 3 Life Path under the influence of 5.

This year Michael is in a 4/9 Cycle Year. While there is always great reward and completions in the 4/9 Cycle

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Brian Williams: In Numerology a Year of Creativity and Endings

Anchors Away
At least one American news anchor will be away from his seat for a while, by his own choice, and through his own actions. That would be Brian Williams, the anchor and managing editor for NBC Nightly News, who has recently been called out for his 'exaggerations' surrounding stories he covered in Iraq and New Orleans. Williams recently apologized for 'misremembering' events.
Brian Williams was born on May 5, 1959. He is a 7 Life Path person, under the influence of 5.
I think that this 7 Life Path person is the one who walks between the worlds (in most cases I refer to walking between the worlds of material things and intuition/psychic ability). In general, 7 can occasionally have difficulty differentiating
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What’s in store for Master Number Richard Branson in 2015?

Richard Branson (born July 18, 1950) is a 22 Life Path. The major modifier on his Life Path is 9.

The Perfect 22
Richard Branson is, for me, a perfect example of a 22 Life Path: he’s a master builder, super entrepreneur, and a humanitarian on a global scale.

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A Master Number Family: Robert and Susan Downey Welcome Avri, a '22'

Susan and Robert Downey have welcomed another Master Number person into their family.

Avri Roel Downey is a Master Number 22 Life Path child (born November 4, 2014). Robert Downey, Jr. is also a Master Number: his Life Path is 11 (born April 4, 1965). And Susan Downey is a 1 Life Path person (born November 6, 1973).

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